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Opening Up New Worlds – English at the Mount


Rosemarie Budhwa, far left, is also an active member of the Mount Saint Mary College choir, which performed a musical revue of “Tomfoolery” last spring.

When Rosemarie Budhwa ’20 first began her study of English at the Mount, she thought her only career option would be in teaching the subject to others.

Thanks to the English faculty at the Mount, however, she soon fell in love with the other opportunities available to her as well.

“English is an area which allows students to go into a plethora of areas,” she explained. “At first, I thought Education was the only path which was available to me with an English degree. However, with the help of the English faculty, I was able to discover a plethora of paths which I was capable of taking and which one was the best for me. Therefore, with the knowledge of literature which the Mount provides, and the different areas which they introduce their students to, I was capable of finding a love for publishing and have been further pushed to discover what other areas I would be interested in focusing further on.” Continue Reading

29 Nov

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Meet the Mount: Dr. Frances Spielhagen


In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is.

Dr. Frances (Fran) Spielhagen, Professor of Education and Director of the Center for Adolescent Research and Development

Title: Professor of Education and Director of the the Center for Adolescent Research and Development (CARD)

Campus involvement: CARD, Teach the Change, Teacher Opportunity Corps

Years at the Mount: 16

Division: Division of Education

Favorite spot on campus: Lobby in Hudson Hall and the Chapel of the Most Holy Rosary

One word to describe the Mount: Nurturing

People are often surprised to learn that Dr. Frances Spielhagen has “only” been at the Mount for 16 years, as the work that she has done for and with the Mount community has quickly made her a pillar of the institution.

After working as a public high school teacher in New York and New Jersey for 30 years, Dr. Spielhagen earned a doctoral degree in teacher education and knew right away that she wanted to become part of the faculty at the Mount. She had known about the Mount for some time and had even helped some of her high school students get admitted to the college. “I was always impressed with how smoothly my students made the transition to this college, and once I joined the faculty, I understood why,” she explained. “We care about our students as individuals here!  We are passionate about our work and sharing our knowledge, but the bottom line is that the individual students are our focus, and they know that.”

She prides herself on knowing not just about her students’ learning styles and career goals, but also who they are as individuals outside of class. “This helps me understand who they are and how I can best help them grow into the people they are meant to be,” she explained. Continue Reading

25 Nov

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MFY Faculty Flashback: Christina Alvey


Every other week, the My First Year blog will be sharing stories of faculty so that our freshman students can get to know their professors a bit better and hear some of their advice for new students.

Christina Alvey, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

As an undergraduate I attended North Central College, a small liberal arts school close to home in Illinois. While I was able to graduate in only three years due to the large number of credits I earned while in high school, I took advantage of so many opportunities during this time, including a semester-long study abroad experience in Moscow, Russia. I also worked with some of my professors on research projects that ultimately inspired me to pursue graduate school in mathematics and become a professor myself. After earning a PhD in mathematics at Purdue University, I am now entering my fourth year at Mount Saint Mary College as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and couldn’t be happier! When I am not teaching, I enjoy playing cooperative board games and video games. I am also a member of a local square dance club, and wrote my undergraduate honors thesis on the mathematics of square dancing, something that most students probably don’t know about me! Continue Reading

23 Nov

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Being part of a team


Christina Ryan is a Nursing major with minors in Psychology and Business at the Mount, as well as a resident assistant and crew captain of the MSMC Love Your Melon crew.

What makes my Mount experience unique was playing for the Women’s Lacrosse team. Not too many people can say they played a college sport, but that’s not what made my experience unique!

Being a part of a team has been so amazing the past 4 years! I have built so many long term friendships, and I’ve made some incredible bonds with some incredible girls. Playing a sport I loved for almost my whole life and being able to continue to play it throughout my years here is something I’ll forever be grateful for!

Unfortunately, as a college athlete, I have run out of eligibility and can no longer play, but I would do anything for just a few more game minutes on that field. It’s so hard to explain the feeling you get from playing a game or scoring a goal when it’s needed the most; it’s that feeling I am definitely going to miss the most, but I am super excited to attend games this season and watch all my old teammates kill it on the field!

You can find out more about athletics at the Mount on the MSMC Knights website.

19 Nov

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Meet the Mount: Mikayla Zaccaria ’19


In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is.

Mikayla Zaccaria ’19

Class Year: Senior

Major: History

Certifications: Childhood and Special Education

Minor: Psychology

Campus activities/jobs: Student Government Association, Class President, Resident Assistant, Women’s Tennis Team, Orientation Leader, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi

Favorite spot on campus: Picnic tables on the Dominican Center hill

One word to describe the Mount: Family

Mikayla Zaccaria has been enthusiastic about her Mount experience since before she was even a student.

After having an awesome experience at Accepted Student Day (including winning the trivia game), she quickly paid her deposit to the Mount and joined the Class of 2019.

She’s been class president ever since. Continue Reading