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23 Nov

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Being part of a team


Christina Ryan is a Nursing major with minors in Psychology and Business at the Mount, as well as a resident assistant and crew captain of the MSMC Love Your Melon crew.

What makes my Mount experience unique was playing for the Women’s Lacrosse team. Not too many people can say they played a college sport, but that’s not what made my experience unique!

Being a part of a team has been so amazing the past 4 years! I have built so many long term friendships, and I’ve made some incredible bonds with some incredible girls. Playing a sport I loved for almost my whole life and being able to continue to play it throughout my years here is something I’ll forever be grateful for!

Unfortunately, as a college athlete, I have run out of eligibility and can no longer play, but I would do anything for just a few more game minutes on that field. It’s so hard to explain the feeling you get from playing a game or scoring a goal when it’s needed the most; it’s that feeling I am definitely going to miss the most, but I am super excited to attend games this season and watch all my old teammates kill it on the field!

You can find out more about athletics at the Mount on the MSMC Knights website.