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28 Nov

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One Knight’s Voting Experience


Asma VotingFour years ago, one of the most publicized and covered elections took place in America. I was entering into high school, and according to my teachers and family, they had never seen such a high interest in politics by high school students and young adults. My mother was among those excited to see young people getting involved.

When my mother came to America from Guyana, just a few years shy of adulthood, she had invested a lot in the voyage and had a lot of aspirations. Being a part of this nation was one of them. Upon arrival, she quickly realized how important the topics of our nation were, and still are, in terms of voting. Guyana, a land of many beautiful features, has a past of imperialism and has struggled to find stability in government. The opportunity to vote in America, among many of our country’s merits, was a unique feature compared to her homeland. Growing up, many lessons and scruples were instilled in my siblings and I amidst the laughter and joy of our home. Knowledge of culture and politics, both domestic and worldwide, were important. So you can only imagine how exciting it was for me, the last of my family, to cast my first vote on November 6, 2012.

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