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22 Aug

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The Knight Goes to Washington


Mount Knight in D.C.

During Spring Break 2012, my family and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to our nation’s capital city, Washington D.C. Packing late the night before departure has become a vacation tradition. Shirts, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, boxers, socks, hats, toothbrush, pillow, etc. all made it to the “don’t forget” list; however, I also brought a gift that I had received just weeks before at MSMC’s New Student Day. The gift represents a part of who I am, my MSMC Knight.

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08 Aug

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Men’s Tennis Team on Spring Break


S. WillandWhen you think about a typical college student’s spring break, what do you think of? Do you think of a giant party some place warm, often categorized by events and activities you would never write home about? In many cases, this is the spring break that a lot of us embark on to escape the pressures of school.

Only the first half of the above statement was true for the Mount Saint Mary College men’s tennis team. For the individuals on Coach Justin Satkowski’s team, spring break meant something else. Spring break meant blood, sweat, and determination for the Cinderella team from last year. Of course, the team was there to have fun, but ultimately, it was to tone up their skills for the upcoming season so they may once again reach the Skyline Finals, and ultimately prevail where they failed last year.

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