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24 Feb

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Misconceptions High School Students Have About College


By Belle Frank

I sat down with sophomores Julia Loda and Julia Loprinzo to talk about the misconceptions they had about college.

Loda (left) is an IT major with a certification in Childhood Education, and Loprinzo (right) is a Social Science and History major with a certification in Childhood Education.

A common misconception about their major is that Childhood Education students just color and grade papers about the ABC’s, but that is not the case. Loda says, “Lesson planning takes hours. People don’t realize how much work their teachers put into all their daily lessons.”

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10 Dec

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7 Things That Should Be on Every College Senior’s Bucket List


By Liz David 

Another Fall semester has to come to an end. For the seniors, this means that our last Fall semester is over…and before we know it our time here at the Mount and in college will be ending too. For the past three years we have been living our best college lives to the best of our abilities, but maybe there are some things that we have yet to experience as a college student. Luckily, there is still plenty of time to try and experience all the things we haven’t had the chance or maybe didn’t have the courage to try in college. So to help you figure out how to truly enjoy every last moment of your college life, here are 7 things that should be on your college bucket list:


  • Attending a school event. There are so many different events hosted all the time here at the Mount, however I’m sure there are at least a few of you who have never really bothered or thought about attending one, at least willingly. But this is your last chance to give the various activities the Mount is offering to us students a try. I myself was skeptical about attending my first college hosted event, but they actually can be a lot of fun. (Especially with friends). I personally recommend Bingo!

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25 Nov

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21 Things I Wish I Knew Before Turning 21


By Pascal Kadamani

It’s the year we have all been waiting for since we were old enough to count that high… the big 21! Now that you’re here, I bet it’s not as exciting as you thought it was going to be. Although, that is definitely not taking away from the joy of the nice perks we now have, such as the fact that you can now order yourself a drink! The big 21 also means though that you are that much closer to graduating college and moving onto the “real world.” Turning 21 is a huge milestone in your life, and it’s okay to feel like you have been around the world and back in your time so far. As I turned 21 in February, there are a few things that I wish I knew before, and here they are:


1. Mental health is more important than you think, so take care of yourself first.

2. School is not a race, get it done when you can and do it right. 

3. Appreciate the time you have with people while you have them in your life. 

4. There is always enough time to change your life: travel the world, make new friends, answer that text, try new food…

5. If you have the opportunity to try something new, say yes.

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08 Nov

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A Day in the Life of a Journalism/Public Relations Major


By Liz David

Journalism and Public Relations are two majors at the Mount that are not only a lot more fun and interesting than most people believe, they are also very easy to double major in (trust me…I’m currently doing it!). Now yes, there is a lot of writing (which I think all journalism majors secretly love doing anyway) and interviewing random strangers involved, but there is also so much more to it. If you like writing, social media, or working with the public then these two majors might be a great fit for you. To show you what it can be like as a double major in journalism and P.R., here is a peak at an average Tuesday in my life as one:

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06 Nov

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Marketing and More


By Sam Young 

Most people have a general idea of what marketing is, but the idea is often difficult for them to put into words. While marketing always boils down to one goal — creating demand for a product or service — there are countless ways to go about it, and as such, there are countless options for landing a career in marketing. I’ve tried to list most of the general options in this article and also tried to explain how you can use your time at the Mount to prepare for these job options.

Marketing Analytics These marketers collect and analyze data on relevant topics to meet a marketing objective. For example, marketing analysts might collect and review survey data to see how they could better improve the customer experience. They may also collect data on the purchasing behavior of specific demographics to see if they are viable target audiences for new product campaigns. One of the most ingenious applications of marketing analytics I’ve heard of had employees tracking weather data and health insurance withdrawals in target areas to estimate the demand for cold and flu medication. The potential applications of this field are countless. Any combination of Math and Business majors and minors from the Mount from the mount will definitely help prepare you for this field and with the number of overlapping classes in these areas, it’s not uncommon to double major.  Continue Reading