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01 Apr

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Working From Home: The Ultimate Guide


By Belle Frank

Although it sounds like a luxury, working from home is no small feat. It can be difficult to focus, stay motivated, and be productive. But here are some tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your workday. Continue Reading

01 Dec

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The 10 Commandments of Being a Mount Student


By Mack the Knight

1. Thou shall not go more than one day without seeing someone from Long or Staten Island.

2. Thou shall own at least 10 Mount shirts prior to graduation (at least 7 of which thou received for free at an event).

3. Thou shall not step on the seal in Aquinas Hall if thou does not want to be delayed in graduating (according to myth that is handed down from generation to generation).

4. Thou shall hold the door open for the next person no matter how far away they are.

5. Thou shall take at least one class on the third floor in Aquinas. Thou is also obligated to complain about the stairs every time they are climbed.

6. Thou shall not make it through all four years without being confused with another Mount Saint Mary. “The one in Maryland?” “No.” “The one in California?” “…no.”

7. Thou shall wear thy lanyard around thine neck the first few weeks of freshman year (and then suddenly stop for some reason).

8. Thou shall describe the Mount as “home” or “community” at least once.

9. Thou shall not enter Billy Joe’s or the Alexis Diner without seeing at least one other fellow Knight.

10. Thou shall take every opportunity to replace “night” with “Knight.”

Have you broken any of these commandments? No worries! Just try to be a better Knight next time!

21 Nov

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How Being on a Sports Team Helps Me With School


By Daley O’Keefe

Being a student athlete seems like such a big commitment, and everyone always hears the athletes complaining about their tough practices. So why do people end up staying on the team all four years? Well, coming from someone who’s been a student athlete her whole life, there are actually a lot of great reasons to be a part of a team in college.  

The most stressful thing about college is probably the fear of not being able to find any friends, and not knowing the social norms or what you should be doing. Being part of a team right when you come onto campus takes away this fear almost immediately. When you’re on a team in college it gives you a group of people right away that you can bond with. They can introduce you to new people and  help you start to build your new college friend group. I came for an overnight recruiting trip, which means I got to meet the whole team before I even got to campus, and it felt like I already had a family at the Mount. They made me feel at home when I needed it most. 

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18 Nov

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REAL Self-Care in College


By Belle Frank 

I know in everyone’s mind when we think of “self-care” as facemasks, bubble baths, a cup of tea, and a movie night. Sure, these things can be a great way to relax, but it doesn’t fix the anxiety that comes along with college life. Helping to get rid of the stress and anxiety that comes with being a college student requires a different approach. So here are some real self-care tips and tricks for college students: 

Reserve Sundays for planning

I am a firm believer in being proactive rather than reactive. So before you can feel overwhelmed with how much work you have to do, write it all down.

 My planner is my lifeline. It has a monthly and weekly calendar. On the first of every month, I fill out what important dates I have (tests, project due dates, appointments, etc.). Then, every day I write down the homework I must do before the next class. I could wallpaper my entire dorm with all the sticky notes I use. I write down my to-do lists, my to-buy lists, and my projects in order of what is due first. I also print out my syllabi and tape them to my wall. When I complete an assignment, I highlight it.

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11 Nov

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Best Music to Listen to While Studying


By Jennarose Colucci

Studying is something that every college student has to do but never ever wants to. It is usually extremely stressful and can make you feel like it will never end. A great way to help you survive the endless and torturous hours of studying is with music. Music can make studying go by quicker and help with maintaining your focus. The type of music you should listen to completely depends on your interest, and what kind of work you are doing! If I have to do some intense studying or if I’m reading a book for homework, I will usually play some soft instrumental music, classical music, or acoustic songs. Most of the time I do not listen to music with lyrics when I’m reading because they make me lose focus of what I’m trying to read. 

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