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02 Apr

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Getting down to business


Above: Amanda Cavaciuti (bottom row, second from left) poses with other members of SBA and Jack Belsito, CEO of Voss Water.

The Student Business Association, also known as SBA, is a fairly new club at the Mount. Formed in the fall of 2013, this club is designed to teach and educate students about the work force. The club is not limited to business students, and is open to all students here at the College.

I recently joined this past November. As a public relations major, I thought it would be a great opportunity.

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30 Oct

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Spirit of the Mount Week Lights Up Campus


It’s mid-October. Midterms are underway, leaves are falling, grass is changing, and students are… fighting? Not entirely.

Last week was Spirit Week, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. During Spirit Week, the usually family-like campus community competes against each other in different teams, divided by their classes.

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20 Mar

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Why I Said “Yes” to the Mount Twice


Theatre at the Mount
Photo Credit: Kimberly Sheamon

A friend once told me that I would know what college I should go to the second I stepped on the campus. She was right. The first time I visited the Mount, I felt at home. I remember thinking on the tour, “I could live in Sakac,” “I’ll get Jazzman’s before every morning class,” and “I love small class sizes!”

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20 Feb

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Unscripted: Life in the MSMC Theatre Program


W. Biersack in The Mystery Plays
William Biersack (left) and Joseph Mastando performing in The Mystery Plays, fall 2012.

In day to day life, everybody has their roles. Take the Mount, for instance; some people on campus can say “I am a student,” “I am a professor,” or “I am an athlete,” and everybody is defined by those roles.

One of the truly amazing things about being an actor is being able to say, “I am (blank).”

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