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18 Nov

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REAL Self-Care in College


By Belle Frank 

I know in everyone’s mind when we think of “self-care” as facemasks, bubble baths, a cup of tea, and a movie night. Sure, these things can be a great way to relax, but it doesn’t fix the anxiety that comes along with college life. Helping to get rid of the stress and anxiety that comes with being a college student requires a different approach. So here are some real self-care tips and tricks for college students: 

Reserve Sundays for planning

I am a firm believer in being proactive rather than reactive. So before you can feel overwhelmed with how much work you have to do, write it all down.

 My planner is my lifeline. It has a monthly and weekly calendar. On the first of every month, I fill out what important dates I have (tests, project due dates, appointments, etc.). Then, every day I write down the homework I must do before the next class. I could wallpaper my entire dorm with all the sticky notes I use. I write down my to-do lists, my to-buy lists, and my projects in order of what is due first. I also print out my syllabi and tape them to my wall. When I complete an assignment, I highlight it.

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29 Apr

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My First Year – Handling Stress


The Mount offers several stress relief activities throughout the year, including the opportunity to spend a few hours with therapy dogs in the library during exams!

Feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities of school? Olivia Mulhern, a sophomore Psychology major, talks about some of the ways she’s learned to cope with stress during her time at the Mount.

“Stress is an event that exerts physical or psychological force or pressure. From a scientific standpoint, stressors and the individual’s makeup are what create stress. Major sources of stress (stressors) include daily hassles, life changes, conflict, and even school. As a result, many college students face stress. Depending on the type of stress, not all stress is bad. However, for us college students, most stress is not good for our health. It is important to know how to handle stress and cope with positive activities.

During my freshman year of college, I suffered with a lot of stress. One of the problems that I had was I didn’t know how to properly handle my stress and decrease the amount of stressors in my everyday routine. One might think that they aren’t experiencing stress, but the anxiety feeling that individuals start to feel when they are loaded with work or exams is the beginning of stress. Continue Reading