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01 Nov

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The Supplies You Can’t Live Without in College


By Liz David


When you come to college, there are so many things that you have to remember to bring with you, especially if you are planning to live on campus. From bedding, to all of your clothes, to textbooks, there are many essentials needed to survive everyday college life. However, there are those small supplies that can be extremely helpful but easily forgotten about. In order to make sure you truly have everything you need at college, here is a (potentially random) list of things that are definitely a necessity to have, but can often be left behind:


  • Tide-To-Go Stick 

When you’re in college, laundry is something that usually piles up and can sometimes get left undone for close to two weeks. So to avoid having your clothes get permanent stains, having a Tide -To-Go stick is a must. 


  • Pictures of family and friends


Having photos of your favorite people, places, or animals are great to use when decorating your dorm room. Being able to look at the things you love most can make you feel like you are at home in an instant.

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20 Oct

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The Ultimate Guide to Decorating your Dorm Room


By Belle Frank

Being a senior in college, I have learned a few tips and tricks for dorm decor on a budget. (I like to think of myself as an amateur interior designer.) I have carried my own sense of style into my dorm so it feels more like a bedroom rather than a dorm room. So here are some tips to help you make your dorm room a bedroom too:

  • Discounts 

You’re a college student now, which means you should embrace the discounts! A lot of chain stores will give 15% or more off of a total order when you show your student ID at checkout, so don’t be afraid to ask. Remember:

  • Not everything has to be bought brand new. Thrift stores, garage sales, and Grandma’s attic are great spots to find some treasures.

  • Purchase things that you can change the look of depending on the season. Such as chalk boards, bulletin boards, or memory boards.

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15 Oct

Comments Off on 10 Reasons Why Going to College Close to Home Isn’t So Bad

10 Reasons Why Going to College Close to Home Isn’t So Bad


By Sierra Caban 

When many people choose to go to college, the idea of going away to school often means at least a good two hours away, unless they are deciding to stay home and commute. However, it is not always a bad thing to go to college right in your own backyard. Whether you want to commute or not, attending college close to home can be a really great experience, and here are 10 reasons to prove why that is true:

1. You have the choice of living on campus or just staying at home. I am someone that decided to stay close to home for college, and because of this choice I got to live on campus my freshman year, commute my sophomore year, and now I’m back to living on campus again.

2. If money is something that you’re worried about, you can save by commuting. College is extremely expensive, so when you stay close to home you lose the burden of having to pay room and board (as well as all the other fees that come with living on campus) by choosing to just live at home during your college years. 

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23 Sep

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Recipes to Make In a College Dorm Room


By Jennarose Colucci

The View and Henry’s are definitely great spots to grab a meal or snack on campus. However, there are times (like when you’re buried under a mountain of work or too lazy to leave your room) when making something to eat in the comfort of your own space is the best. Making a meal or even a snack in just a bedroom can be difficult though. So here are some quick recipes that are easy (and will inspire your inner chef!) and perfect for making in a dorm room:


Coffee Cup Quiche

A great on-the-go breakfast that can be easily made before that early morning class. 

Find more great coffee cup recipes: Caramel Fleur De Sel Cake, Nutella Espresso Cake, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Mug Cake and more here:


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16 Sep

Comments Off on Four Ways to Battle College Homesickness

Four Ways to Battle College Homesickness


By Liz David

Many college students today choose to go away for college, and there are plenty of great things that come with that decision. However, the one thing that makes being away from home for the first time difficult is the homesickness that everyone inevitably ends up feeling. (even me, as a senior).

When I came to the Mount almost four years ago as a brand new freshman, it was my very first time being away from home for a long period of time. I am from Long Island, which is about two hours (when there isn’t tons of traffic) away from the Mount. Another fun fact about me is that I am an only child, which also means that growing up, I only ever lived with my parents. I thought for sure that going away to school and being without my parents for the first time would be the best thing ever, and I believed (foolishly) that I would never get homesick.

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