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06 Mar

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Being a Tourist in London


Weaver at Chelsea Football ClubHello loyal readers,

The past two weeks have been relatively hectic, but I am finally done with my first set of term assignments. I have also started constructing my final papers which are due at the end of term today. What have I been up to you might ask? Besides editing and revising my assignments, I have been embarking on a few exciting adventures.

I recently took a tour of the Chelsea Football Club, and no, this is not American Football.  I got to go out near the pitch and learn about how football began. Although I am not an avid fan, it was an amazing experience to see a stadium of such magnitude in London.

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06 Feb

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Dancing in Dublin, Sailing through Stonehenge, and Basking in Bath


S. Weaver at Stonehenge, Circus

Guilty as charged. I apologize for not writing to all of you last week. It was a crazy one. I got home from Dublin on Monday and ran to my Shakespeare lecture on Richard II (it is not my favorite Shakespearean piece, but it is a perfect example of a history play). This week was paper week for me. I wrote two seven-page papers, and while I enjoyed writing them, it’s refreshing to have a little bit of a break to edit them before they are due in two weeks. I apologize, I am forgetting myself. Let me tell you about Dublin.

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30 Jan

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Study Abroad in Reading, Week 1


Mount Saint Mary College student Stephanie Weaver in England

Since I last posted on the Knight Life blog, I have been on some pretty exciting adventures. During my first week at the University of Reading, I attended a lecture on Shakespeare presented by Professor Andrew Gurr, a Shakespearean expert, and my first series of seminars for my Romantics to Decadents Nineteenth Century Poetry class. The class structure is extremely different from life at the Mount, but I am quickly growing accustomed to listening in lecture and speaking during seminar. I have joined the newspaper staff at Reading and will be writing for their travel section while in the UK. In order to begin constructing my first set of thesis papers, I’ve already maxed out on library books taken out in one week. Currently, I am reading Hamlet with a nice cup of tea as I sit to write to you all.

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23 Jan

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Reading in Reading


Stephanie WeaverIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a driven student, in possession of a wonderful opportunity, will embark on a glorious adventure (thank you, Miss Austen, for the help). My name is Stephanie Weaver and I am a junior studying English Literature at the Mount. Ever since I was a young girl, I have always wanted to study in England. I must admit, I waited at the mailbox on my eleventh birthday hoping that my letter from Hogwarts would arrive just like Mr. Potter’s did. Thanks to all the support that I have received from the Mount, my dream of studying in England is becoming a reality. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to study abroad in the United Kingdom.

Not only has studying abroad been a dream of mine since childhood, but there are many benefits to participating in a program of this magnitude. Primarily, studying abroad is a stepping stone toward achieving my goal of receiving my doctorate degree in English Literature. Through studying in England, I will have the opportunity to form contacts with individuals who can assist me with my application for the Fulbright Scholar Program. I will be able to learn about a culture that is surprisingly different from the life I live in the States.

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