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05 Sep

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Public Relations at the Mount


M. NuciforeAs a Public Relations major at the Mount, I can truly say this is the school for gaining the tools you need for success in the field. The classes are very in-depth, they teach you everything you need to know about the field, and they include ample hands-on training that gives you experience in the various tasks required on the job.

The most valuable experience that I’ve had was in my Online Social Media class. The entire class focused on the different types of emerging social media, and how to properly utilize them in both a practical and professional sense.

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08 Aug

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Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Lecture at the Mount


Katie Milano and Barbara Taylor Bradford

When I first heard about the Barbara Taylor Bradford lecture, I was very interested in attending. As a young writer who spends hours agonizing over word choice in a five-page research paper, anyone who can write 27 novels is incredibly fascinating… and intimidating. Add in her numerous honors, such as being inducted into the Writers Hall of Fame of America, and being awarded an Order of British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, and the intimidation factor is through the roof.

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