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14 Aug

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The Mount Reflects: School of Nursing


Are you interested in the nursing program here at Mount Saint Mary College? We take great pride in our School of Nursing. The school is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, boasts NCLEX-RN passage rates that exceed the state average, and enjoys a long-standing reputation with area hospitals as a leader in healthcare education. But don’t just take it from us – here’s what some of our current students have to say about the School of Nursing at the Mount!

“I wanted to become a nurse because I want to help others who are going through a tough time. I decided to come to the Mount because everyone says it’s a good school, and local hospitals will ask to hire Mount students. It’s very competitive to get into the School of Nursing because it is very good. We’re a big family; everyone is really friendly and wants to see you succeed.” – Cynthia Fraile, Sophomore Continue Reading

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21 Apr

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How the Honors Program Impacted My Time at MSMC


Today we will hear from Diana Pernicano, a senior nursing student in the Honors Program. Diana has been a guest on the blog once before, when she talked about being a nursing major at the Mount. Today, she will share her experiences as a part of the Mount Saint Mary College Honors Program, and how it has helped her to become a well-rounded student.

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30 Mar

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What it’s like to transfer to the Mount


Hi, my name is Kym and I transferred to Mount Saint Mary College from Westchester Community College (WCC). After I graduated WCC with an associate degree, I was able to transfer right into the nursing program here at the Mount. I was interested in the Mount because it was close to home and it has one of the top BSN programs in the area. When I came to visit, I fell in love with the stunning location and the friendly atmosphere. Continue Reading

09 Mar

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Helping Others Through Nursing


Junior nursing major Diana Pernicano dressed in her scrubs for her first day of sophomore year in 2014.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a nursing major at the Mount? Knight Life recently interviewed junior nursing major Diana Pernicano to get the scoop on this popular Mount program.

Knight Life: Why did you choose to be a nursing major?

Diana:  I always enjoyed learning about science and helping others. When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I was driven even more to help people feel better. Once in the nursing program, I was also diagnosed with cancer, which made me even more interested in the medical profession and why people get ill. Continue Reading

19 Nov

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Alumni Reflections: Emily Blew


This week marks exactly six months since the Class of 2014 walked across the stage and became the newest members of the Mount Saint Mary College alumni family. Those of us who knew the amazing Class of 2014 are definitely feeling their absence this year, so we decided to reach out to some of our recent alumni for updates. In honor of their six-month anniversary, Knight Life will be posting updates from a few students each day this week, highlighting their achievements and progress since graduation.

Emily Blew

Current city: New Brunswick, NJ

Major at the Mount: Nursing

What have you been doing since you graduated in May?

In June, I traveled to Italy with my family. It was an amazing trip and I felt like it was a great reward after 4 years of nursing school. Then I took my boards, passed, and started applying for jobs.

Currently, I feel so fortunate to be working my dream job right out of school! I am a labor and delivery nurse at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I love what I do and enjoy the people I work with.

What advice would you give for students in your major about life after college?

My biggest advice to current nursing students, and all students, is to really enjoy what is left of college! You will soon miss staying up all night with friends, having movie nights, doing club activities, and all the social aspects of college. You make new friends in the “real world,” but it’s different when they are your co-workers. Just enjoy having few responsibilities and don’t rush towards graduation!