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08 Aug

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I welcome you to the Mount


D. TaittI will never forget my first time arriving at 330 Powell Avenue. I was completely captivated by the mountain view and the Hudson River. The first time I saw Mount Saint Mary College, I was attending orientation with my parents. Every activity began on schedule and every person greeted and directed me with a smile. From that moment on, I knew I was made to attend this college.

Currently, I’m going into my senior year. I will be starting the upcoming fall semester as a Resident Assistant, Campus Ministry Lector, Vice President and Treasurer of two campus clubs, and a volunteer at an off-campus non-profit organization. In addition to coddling and nurturing me academically, the Mount satisfies my desire to serve others. I can find support and help from all members of administration. Even as a media studies major, I still feel comfortable speaking with education, math, science, and history professors that know my name and encourage my passion for higher learning.

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