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04 Feb

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A Tale of My Failure in Studying and How It Led Me to Success


By: Megan Morrissey

Assistant Director of Student Success

It’s August of 2006, I’m sitting in my common room in Sakac Hall, staring at my US History textbook. It’s the first week of school and my professor Dr. Reilly has a weekly five question quiz on the reading we were assigned for that week. I’m sifting through the chapters, glancing over the bolded words I had highlighted, feeling like a real college student. I walked into the classroom to take the quiz feeling about 85-90% confident in getting a good grade. I mean, even if I didn’t study a ton, it’s US History. I’ve been learning about it since elementary school so something was bound to come back to my memory right?


Very wrong.

I know you probably didn’t see this coming, but I did not pass that first quiz. I was pretty upset. School had never really been something I exceled at and frankly I was a little shocked that I got into college. This first official college grade made me feel like such an imposter. Who did I think I was? I just squeezed by in high school, how did I expect to be successful in college? All of my suitemates seemed to be doing great. No one was complaining about bad grades or not understanding the material in classes. 

I called my dad to tell him about the grade, assuming he’d get a report card eventually and wanting to be ahead of the curve (spoiler alert…there are no report cards in college. Dumb move Megan.). I asked him what I should do and he told me that he believed in me but I had to figure it out on my own. My parents never went to college so they felt just as helpless as I did. Before we hung up the phone my dad said, “Meg, I think you just gotta study.” Continue Reading

24 Feb

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Why I loved (and still love!) Accepted Student Day


Hi, I’m Mikayla Zaccaria! I’m an Admissions Ambassador at the Mount, and I’m hoping that I’ll get to meet you on March 18th for Accepted Student Day!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself first. I’m a junior here at the Mount and a History major pursuing certification in Elementary and Special Education. I am the Junior Class President, an Orientation Leader, part of Student Senate, and a member the Women’s Tennis team.

I attended Accepted Student Day when I was a high school senior in 2015. My experience at Accepted Student Day was awesome. At first, I felt awkward because I didn’t know anyone, but once I just started introducing myself “Hi my name is Mikayla and I am from Long Island,” that opened a lot of conversation starters.

The picture on the left is of me at my Accepted Student Day in 2015 (I’m all the way to the right!) and the picture on the right is of me working Accepted Student Day as an Admissions Ambassador!

During Accepted Student Day there is an event called the College Bowl. At the College Bowl, many games are played such as basketball, trivia, and even digging through a pie to find a piece of gum! You are all probably thinking “Why would I want to play these games especially with people I don’t know?” Well for one, you can win awesome prizes from the bookstore, but funny story, I was picked to participate in a trivia event, and I ended up competing against one of my best friends today. Here she and I are battling it out, not knowing we’d one day be best friends (I’m the one on the right).

And here I am winning the trivia contest at the College Bowl!

Before attending Accepted Student Day, I hadn’t decided whether or not I was coming to the Mount, but I committed to the Mount after attending Accepted Student Day. I felt that Mount Saint Mary College was the place I belonged because the welcoming and friendly staff really made my New Student Day experience.

I can’t wait to meet you! See you at Accepted Student Day!

Mikalya Zaccaria, Class of 2019, is a History major with a certification in Childhood Education and Special Education from Long Island, NY.

Ready to sign up for Accepted Student Day? Remember, you don’t have to be committed to the Mount to come; all accepted students are invited! For many of our students, Accepted Student Day was what helped them to decide that the Mount was right for them, and we hope that your Accepted Student Day will do the same for you! To register, visit www.msmc.edu/asd

20 Mar

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Why I Said “Yes” to the Mount Twice


Theatre at the Mount
Photo Credit: Kimberly Sheamon

A friend once told me that I would know what college I should go to the second I stepped on the campus. She was right. The first time I visited the Mount, I felt at home. I remember thinking on the tour, “I could live in Sakac,” “I’ll get Jazzman’s before every morning class,” and “I love small class sizes!”

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28 Nov

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One Knight’s Voting Experience


Asma VotingFour years ago, one of the most publicized and covered elections took place in America. I was entering into high school, and according to my teachers and family, they had never seen such a high interest in politics by high school students and young adults. My mother was among those excited to see young people getting involved.

When my mother came to America from Guyana, just a few years shy of adulthood, she had invested a lot in the voyage and had a lot of aspirations. Being a part of this nation was one of them. Upon arrival, she quickly realized how important the topics of our nation were, and still are, in terms of voting. Guyana, a land of many beautiful features, has a past of imperialism and has struggled to find stability in government. The opportunity to vote in America, among many of our country’s merits, was a unique feature compared to her homeland. Growing up, many lessons and scruples were instilled in my siblings and I amidst the laughter and joy of our home. Knowledge of culture and politics, both domestic and worldwide, were important. So you can only imagine how exciting it was for me, the last of my family, to cast my first vote on November 6, 2012.

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