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21 Nov

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My First Year: A New Path


My name is Olivia Mulhern, and I am a sophomore here at the Mount. When I started at the Mount, I applied and was accepted into the Nursing program. Throughout high school, I felt like I was forced to have a career choice before the process of applying to college, which was stressful for me. However, I thought Nursing was my perfect career choice. I had the inspirations and grades for the program and career. Most importantly, I had the passion for it. Continue Reading

17 Nov

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My First Year – Going the Extra Mile


My name is Camryn Christensen, and I am a freshman here at Mount Saint Mary College. When I was in high school, college was always just a dream – until it became a reality! Now I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Coming to the Mount and starting a whole new life – between moving in, meeting new people and attending new classes – was a huge adjustment. It has occurred to me now that this is it: this is where you shine and set up what the rest of your life is going to look like. Continue Reading

06 Nov

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My First Year: Challenge your mind, not your body


The Mount’s Health Services Office offers a “Stress-Less” room with a massage chair, relaxing music, and more to help students unwind and destress.

Let’s face it – being a first year college student can be challenging. There are so many new things to learn, from being independent to living with a roommate to scheduling classes. Today, sophomore Biology major Jennefer Ferdous talks about one of the most important things she learned as a college freshman – taking care of yourself physically is just as important as challenging yourself mentally.

What is your advice to first year students?
Jennefer: My advice to first year students is try to make as many friends as you can and learn to manage your time. Finding a home in an unfamiliar environment can be hard. At the Mount, however, you can participate in many clubs and activities that you have interest in and find similar people! Being surrounded by people you have a lot in common with can make any environment feel like home. Continue Reading

01 Nov

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My First Year: Becoming Independent and Social


My name is Megan Lee, and I am a freshman here at the Mount. Before coming to the Mount, I was just your average high school student. In all honesty, I did not have many friends in high school. I would spend my high school days in constant routine: waking up, going to school, going home, doing homework, then just going to bed. Unfortunately, I did not have that perfect high school experience that most teens go through, but I did that to myself. I was not very open or social with the few friends I had, or even with my family.

When I was applying for and visiting different colleges and universities, I was scared, just as everyone was at the time. I had never been on my own before and I constantly relied on my parents for practically everything. I had never been in an environment that is as social as college. I thought, “No one is going to like me” and “College isn’t for me.” To put it simply, college just seemed too much for me at the time.

Eventually, on my search for my new home for the next four years, I came across Mount Saint Mary College. One of my family members had gone here, and she told me all the great things about the college, so I decided to visit it. Once I stepped onto the campus and talked with a few staff members and current students at the time, I just knew it was right for me. The college had the major that I wanted, and it automatically felt like home to me – and you just cannot beat that view of the mountains and the Hudson River.

The second time I visited the Mount, I finally decided it was time to commit. It was a scary, but exciting moment in my life. I was finally going to go to college, I believed that I made the right decision with my choice…and I was right. In just a few weeks, the Mount became my new home. From the classes I am taking, to my current professors, to the people I have met on campus, I have never felt so accepted for who I am before. The Mount has helped me open a whole new side to myself that not even I knew about. I have seen myself changing and growing in these last few months, which makes me extremely ecstatic for my future. I am learning something new about myself every day, which makes me wonder – what am I going to be like in the next year? The next four years? I think about these questions every day, and I am determined to find out.

Not only has the Mount helped me to grow as a person, but it has also helped me to become much more independent. When I was a senior in high school, I could not wait to move into a dorm room and live in a place where I was completely independent. However, I did not realize how much responsibility comes with independence. There are so many little details when it comes to being independent, especially when it comes to managing your time. You have to learn how to balance school work, grades, staying healthy, exercising enough, making sure your dorm room is clean, being social, and much more. It was overwhelming and hard to adjust to at first, but as the weeks went on, I learned so much about being independent and how to balance it all out.

My biggest piece of advice for all first-year students is that it is easier to adjust to a brand-new environment when it automatically feels like home to you. Being in a place where you feel at home and safe will help you to grow as a person. It gives you the confidence you need to be yourself. Don’t be scared to try new things and open up to others. Everyone at college, no matter where you go, is there to help you. Sometimes the scariest things can end up being the most enjoyable, memorable experiences.

18 Oct

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My First Year: Picking a Major


Today on the blog, we hear from Mount freshman Daniel Mendez, who tells us about what it’s like to change majors.

Hello, my name is Daniel Mendez. I am a freshman here at the Mount with a major in Biology, but am currently looking to change to something else next semester. Only being a freshman in college, I have a whole lot to learn about many things, including maintaining a good academic standing, being responsible for all the tasks I have to complete, and most importantly, managing my time wisely. However, one thing I have learned about college in my first few weeks here at the Mount is something that is very crucial to overall success not only in college but also in life: I learned how important the decision is when selecting a major. Continue Reading