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27 Oct

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Major Profile – Information Technology


Real-world applications – Aaron Ricci, a junior information technology student, found his part-time job with the MSMC IT Support Center through the Career Center. He began working at the Support Center in 2013 as a sophomore.

Aaron Ricci, a junior Information Technology major, works as an IT Support Center Analyst at the MSMC IT Support Center. He recently talked to Knight Life about his favorite aspects of being an IT major.

Knight Life: What is your major?

Aaron: I am an information technology major with a concentration in networking and a minor in religious studies. Continue Reading

05 Dec

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From student to professional


Sheamon and Ross

Kimberly Sheamon (right) with Allan Ross of AJ Ross Creative Media

In a field like information technology, new developments occur daily. Because of this, it is critical not only to have the foundation set forth in the classroom, but also the hands-on experience that allows you to become more adaptable to these changes. The experience I gained interning as a web programmer at A.J. Ross Creative Media in Chester, NY was invaluable to me. From day one, I was treated as a member of the team and collaborated with the staff on real-world problems. Within a few weeks, I was independently programming websites for clients.

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