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19 May

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You end up where you are meant to be


Hello! First, let me introduce myself, and pull back the curtain a bit. My name is Madison, and I have been the Marketing Intern this semester. That means that I have been one of the people responsible for bringing you posts each week. I have enjoyed my time working here, and sharing just some of the stories from our wonderful students here at the Mount. I am a senior here at the Mount, and in these last few weeks leading up to graduation, I have been reflecting a lot on my time here.  Continue Reading

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04 May

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Advice for the Class of 2019


In exactly twelve days, Jade Hanley and Emily DiBiase will become graduating members of the Class of 2015. As the students who have brought you Knight Life for the past few semesters, Jade and Emily wanted to share some of their advice with the Class of 2019 before they become official alumnae of the College.

On Opening Day

Jade: Don’t stress out on moving in with “strangers” because these people quickly become your Mount family. I’m still friends with my first roommates! Opening Day is a good time to get to know each other. This is also a crucial time to set up schedules. You should always know your roommate’s schedule (like when they wake up in the morning). Also, don’t be afraid to set up a cleaning schedule right away! It’s better now in a definitive format than later when dust bunnies are taking over.

Emily: Opening Day will be one of the most stressful and yet absolutely wonderful days of your life. The people who you meet today will be your classmates, co-workers, and best friends for the next four years and beyond. Make this a day to reinvent yourself and be whoever you want to be in a brand-new place! Also, go to the Club Fair on Opening night; getting involved on campus will make the Mount seem like your home in no time. Continue Reading

08 May

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Graduating from Arts & Letters


Erin in The Clean House
Above: Erin-Therese Vecchi acting in The Clean House

At lunch the other day, I asked my friend if she had any regrets about college, and she said, “No.”

I, on the other hand, rattled off a list of regrets. I wish I had also minored in history, joined Knight Radio, took a painting or drawing class, and joined the choir. However, between two majors, a concentration, a minor, acting in plays, editing the student newspaper, and a job, I just couldn’t fit everything in.

My regrets should be taken with a grain of salt, considering I graduate in ten days and all I can think about is wanting another four years in college, this college. Luckily, as part of the Division of Arts & Letters, I had a lot of freedom to accomplish most of my goals and dreams for college.

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