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27 Aug

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23 Things to Do Your First Week of College


By Mack the Knight

Class of 2023: You’re finally here! We’re so excited to officially welcome you to the Mount family. Here are 23 things you should do this first week to set you up for success and fun this semester:

1. Attend the Club Fair (happening today on the Sod Field — outside of Hudson Hall — at 4 pm!).


2. Try out all of the on-campus eateries (may we recommend the Mac Bites?).


3. Sign up for a club that interests you (either at the Club Fair or by going to this list and emailing the president).


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07 Sep

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MFY Faculty Flashback: Samantha Stobert


Every other week, the My First Year blog will be sharing stories of faculty so that our freshman students can get to know their professors a bit better and hear some of their advice for new students.

Samantha Stobert, Director of First Year Experience

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was thirty years ago that I shouldered my backpack and headed out for my very first day at the University of Vermont. When I look back on that overwhelming day, I smile to think that I am now the director of First Year Experience, helping freshmen successfully transition into their own first year of college! On the first day of each new year here at the Mount, I relive how nervous – even terrified! – I felt heading through the throng of other students to my first college class ever. Don’t get me wrong – it was fun, too. Starting college was cause for celebration, just like it is here at the Mount, and all kinds of people were rallying to make me feel comfortable and happy about being there. But in a way, this made me feel guilty for not being as happy as it seemed I should be. In my case, coming from a small, rural town with a tiny high school to a large university made me feel like I was disappearing into a crowd. Everyone seemed so much more sophisticated and sure of themselves than me. To add to my anxiety, I was a nerd who put a lot of pressure on myself to do well in school, and when I got a look at my first syllabus, I could just tell that the game was going to be different at college. Continue Reading

06 Nov

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My First Year: Challenge your mind, not your body


The Mount’s Health Services Office offers a “Stress-Less” room with a massage chair, relaxing music, and more to help students unwind and destress.

Let’s face it – being a first year college student can be challenging. There are so many new things to learn, from being independent to living with a roommate to scheduling classes. Today, sophomore Biology major Jennefer Ferdous talks about one of the most important things she learned as a college freshman – taking care of yourself physically is just as important as challenging yourself mentally.

What is your advice to first year students?
Jennefer: My advice to first year students is try to make as many friends as you can and learn to manage your time. Finding a home in an unfamiliar environment can be hard. At the Mount, however, you can participate in many clubs and activities that you have interest in and find similar people! Being surrounded by people you have a lot in common with can make any environment feel like home. Continue Reading