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25 Sep

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10 Ways to Work Out Without Leaving Campus


By Daley O’Keefe

Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen when coming to school is something everyone wants, but sometimes dieting just isn’t an option. The next best thing is working out, but can you exercise on campus when you’re absolutely crammed with work? Here are some creative ways you can stay fit while still dealing with the craziness of a college schedule.

1. Go to the gym

I know this one seems obvious, but it is one of the simplest answers to this question. The Mount’s Kaplan Gym has something for everyone, whether you want to lift weights, run, bike, or even get in some yoga. You can even have some fun on the basketball court, if that’s your thing. Kaplan also isn’t the only gym on campus either; Sakac, Guzman, and the Dominican Center have their own small gyms too!

2. Join a sports team

Even if you don’t think you have enough time, joining a sports team will not only get you fit; it will also force you to do your work. As someone who is really good at procrastinating, if I wasn’t on the swim team, I would never get any work done. Having less time in the day makes you spend your time much more wisely than if you have huge chunks of time free. Plus you’ll get in an amazing workout!

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