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03 Nov

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My New Favorite View in the Hudson Valley



By Belle Frank

Fall is a great time to go exploring outdoors, especially in the Hudson Valley region. I recently took a trip to the Constitution State Marsh in Garrison for a fall outing. The marsh is 270 acres with 80 acres of surrounding forest.  There is a slight hike to get to the boardwalk of the marsh, but it is not an intense hike at all. Even though you are walking through the woods, there is a clear path that you can follow. (If you’re still skeptical, I did this “hike” in boots that were a size too big and not at all made for hiking.)

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30 Oct

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60 Reasons to Love the Mount


By Mack Knight

Today is our 60th birthday! On October 30, 1959, we became a four-year college.

To celebrate, we asked the Mount community to tell us 60 reasons why they love this college. We got more than 60, with many people highlighting some of the same awesome reasons, so here are the top 60 reasons that our community loves the Mount!

1. Beautiful campus/scenic views/gorgeous views
2. Small class sizes
3. Professors that know you by name
4. Being surrounded by familiar faces
5. Felt like home when I visited
6. Tight-knit community
7. So many opportunities!
8. The food
9. I felt welcomed
10. Education program Continue Reading

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12 Sep

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The Mount’s Unspoken Social Etiquette


By Mack the Knight

It’s the Mount’s unstated social code.

I’m not really sure how it first started or how it continues to spread, but it seems to be silently communicated to each new class, about the same time as freshman students’ ID lanyards magically begin to stop appearing around their necks and instead get stashed in a bag or pocket.

Maybe it stems from our commitment to service as a campus. Maybe it’s because we’re such a small school and we know everyone else. Or maybe it’s because everyone here is just so nice and generous. Continue Reading

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09 Jul

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The Mount Reflects: Things to do in the Hudson Valley


Mount students enjoying Newburgh’s waterfront.

The Mount is blessed to be located in the historic and beautiful Hudson Valley with plenty to do and see. When they’re not busy studying or participating in on-campus events, our students can always find something to pique their interest in the local area. We asked some Mount students where their favorite places to go off-campus were, and here are their answers:

Binnacle Books – Derek O’Hanlon ’19
A quaint bookstore located in Beacon, NY featuring new and used books. Just 1.4 miles from campus!

– Kaitlyn Barber ’21 and Carmel Lozada ’20
Who doesn’t enjoy a good Target run? Thankfully, there’s a Target (along with many other essental stores) located along Route 17-K in Newburgh 4 miles from campus). Plus, the MSMC Shuttle will take you there for free 3 days a week! Continue Reading

14 May

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My First Year – Commuting Part II


The Commuter Lounge in Aquinas Hall is a great place to hang out in between classes.

Hi everyone! My name is Christiana Kerrs. You can view my first blog post on commuting here.

As you all know, this year is coming to a close. Since I am a commuter, making friends hasn’t always been easy. At times, I have even felt lonely. During my first semester, I made a small group of friends from a few of my classes. However, we only started to become close and talk more towards the end of the semester. We didn’t keep in close contact over winter break and two of them transferred. That was very sad, but it was okay because I was determined to make more friends this semester.

I got to my first class of the spring semester, and one of these friends ended up being in two of my classes. This made me very happy to have a friend and helped to not feel so alone. Throughout the spring semester, I also made a bunch of friends in my Education classes. They are a great group of people, and we all bond a lot over our academics. It has also been easier to become friends with people this semester because I have multiple classes with some of the same people. Continue Reading