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24 Feb

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Misconceptions High School Students Have About College


By Belle Frank

I sat down with sophomores Julia Loda and Julia Loprinzo to talk about the misconceptions they had about college.

Loda (left) is an IT major with a certification in Childhood Education, and Loprinzo (right) is a Social Science and History major with a certification in Childhood Education.

A common misconception about their major is that Childhood Education students just color and grade papers about the ABC’s, but that is not the case. Loda says, “Lesson planning takes hours. People don’t realize how much work their teachers put into all their daily lessons.”

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19 Feb

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The 5 Best Places to Nap on Campus (Besides Your Dorm)


By Daley O’Keefe

Some days throughout the semester are guaranteed to be so hectic, that time between classes is limited and nights usually end up sleepless. For those times where you need to get a couple ZZZs in, but don’t have enough time to head back to your comfy room, here are the top 5 places on campus to take a quick nap.

1: The Library

The DC is full of fun little hideouts or comfy couches you can find to work or whatever homework or studying needs to get done. Plus, when your eyes start to glaze over from reading your textbook, it’s a perfect place to rest your head for a quick catnap.

2: In the View

Most of the time you’re already in the View to get food, why not take a little nap there too? The booths are pretty comfortable, and it cuts down on travel time, too! As long as you’re comfortable sleeping around other people, this is a great place to nap to save some time!

3: The Pool Lobby 

Although I’m sure it’s not the first place most people think of, the couches set up right outside the pool are a great place to take a nap.Unlike Aquinas, the pool tends to attract little traffic, so you won’t get interrupted while sleeping. The only downside is that sometimes people drop their weights a little too loudly. Continue Reading

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11 Feb

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3 Fashion Tips for Broke College Students


By Belle Frank

College is all about budgeting. I know we have all heard the term “broke college student” more times that we can count. And if we had a dime every time we heard it, we wouldn’t be broke college students.

However, no matter how broke we are, there are some things that we just don’t want to compromise on. Like, that much needed caffeine fix, or our beauty products, and especially our clothing. But what if I told you that you could look fashion forward without breaking the bank? All it takes is a little patience and some creativity. 

  1. How to shop with limited funds
  • Thrift stores – The Mount is tucked into the Hudson Valley, which has some of the best thrift stores. Second hand clothing is much more cost effective, and eco friendly! Here are some of my favorites:
    • Goodwill, New Windsor, NY
    • Blackbird Attic, Beacon, NY
    • Recycled Style, Montgomery, NY
    • The Well, Saugerties, NY
  • Upcycle – Those outdated jeans you never wear anymore? Take some scissors to them and make them trendy again. Or, make them shorts! I am known to take old boot-cut jeans and distress them to be trendy again. Or, go into a sibling or parent’s closet.

These are thrifted Levi’s jeans I took scissors to, and my boyfriend’s shirt!

  • Discounts – Student discount, coupon code apps, and loyalty programs will be your best friend in college. ‘Retail Me Not’ is an app that gives coupon codes for online and in-store shopping. Loyalty programs in stores like American Eagle and Ulta give you points that you can use towards a purchase to money off. Some of the stores that give student discounts are: Continue Reading

28 Oct

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5 Ways to Make Friends in College


By Liz David

There are plenty of things that can make the start of your college life hard, such as being away from home and not seeing your family every day (if you choose to live on campus), or having to start doing college level class work. However, I think that one of the hardest things that any college student out there can relate to is making brand new friends. While some people might just naturally be able to make friends quickly, and find their group of people pretty much on day one of college, there are many of us out there who struggle for weeks trying to make friends. So, to help you find your friends in college, here are 5 simple ways to make new friends once college starts:

Get to know your roommate and/or suitemates. Your first year of college means you are pretty much guaranteed to at least have a roommate, and in many cases suitemates too. One of the easiest ways to make friends is to talk to these new people you are living with. Don’t be afraid to find out more about them and tell them about you, or even ask them to maybe go get dinner with you. These are the people that you are going to be around all the time and living with for the next 8 months, so becoming friends with them will not only provide you with possible new best friends, but it will also make your living situation a whole lot more fun.

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07 May

Comments Off on Life After College- A Series for Mount Seniors

Life After College- A Series for Mount Seniors


Sarah Waleck

Major: Biology

After college: Attending Seton Hall University and attending their Physician Assistant School.

Career Ambition: Physician Assistant working in Orthopedic Surgery.


Sarah Waleck, who is a current senior at Mount Saint Mary College, is preparing for her life after college just like most seniors are at this point in the year. With graduation quickly approaching, Sarah has made the choice to continue her education and attend Seton Hall University to pursue a master’s degree while attending their Physician Assistant school. Sarah plans to continue building the foundation that the Mount has already helped her start.

Sitting down with Sarah, she was able to give some insight on how she is feeling as she is about to embark on her next journey and closing the chapter on her current one. “These past four years I have spent the majority of time working to build a solid foundation for physician assistant school. I can’t wait to build on that and apply everything that I have learned to clinical situations,” she said. Sarah will be spending the next three years working towards her ultimate career goal, to become a physician assistant (PA). Continue Reading