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03 Jul

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The Mount Reflects: Orientation


Who’s pumped for Orientation? As you pack up and prepare to head out this week or next for Orientation, you might be a little nervous – but don’t worry! You’re going to have a great time getting to know the campus and meeting your new friends and classmates!

Orientation holds a special place in the hearts of current Mount students as marking the beginning of some of the best years of their lives. We asked some of our students what their favorite parts of Orientation were, and here’s what they said:

Megan Torpey, Senior – “The scavenger hunt!!”

Nicole Laghezza, Junior – “Although some may disagree, I enjoyed the icebreaker games; it forces you to step out of your comfort zone and meet new people.”

Alex Perlak, Sophomore – “It definitely had to be the relationships I made with my peers and Orientation Leader. At Orientation, I opened up and had a great time. Orientation is only one night, so make the most out of it.”

Amanda Greenwood, Junior – “The Orientation Leaders! And the DJ party is honestly just so much fun.”

Danielle Petricca, Sophomore – “Having everyone together in the gym to play games, and just meeting new people in general.”

Ashley Lane, Senior – “The best part of summer Orientation is getting the feel for the campus and meeting your classmates. Building relationships there helps for sure when there are some friendly faces in August!”

Christina Mistretta, Junior – “Dance party/BBQ on the Sod Field!”

Members of the Men’s Baseball Team – “Scavenger Hunt, winning prizes, Kahoot, learning the college experience, and MAKING NEW FRIENDS!”

You’ve got so much to look forward to at Orientation, Class of 2022! Make sure you visit www.msmc.edu/orientation for a schedule, packing list, and bios of the Orientation Leaders. We’ll see you soon!