11 Dec

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Byte Knights Website Development Workshop


Byte Knights is a club on campus for Information Technology. Recently, the club organizers Derek O’Hanlon, senior and president; Nicholas Viviano, senior and secretary; and Andrew Shultis, senior and treasurer, all came together to host a Web Development workshop for all Mount students.

Many Mount students came to the event and learned how to design and develop websites using specific technology like HTML and CSS. In today’s society we use computers heavily for businesses and such, so being able to use these technologies is an advantage.

The club officers plan to organize and host similar events for students to come to learn more about the web and become just as advanced as an IT student.

In addition to this workshop, Byte Knights also hosts a the Mobile Application development workshop, teaches coding to students at Newburgh Armory, organizes field trips to New Public Radio and IBM, and invites guest speakers from IT industry.

For more information about different events coming up go to the website http://byteknights.msmc.edu/

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