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04 Dec

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The Mount Reflects – Study Tips from the Honors Program


Here at the Mount, finals are right around the corner. To get ready, students from the Honors Program put together this list of helpful and unique study tips that they’ve learned over the years, to put you on the path towards a successful end of the semester!

Time Management

Annalise Hansen – sophomore History and English major: “Don’t wait until the night before the test to study. Break the information down and go over it piece by piece. Study for short bursts at a time, then take a break and start again. Try practicing answering questions or outline possible essay questions beforehand.”

Nicole Cavallo – senior Biology and Chemistry major on the Physician Assistant prep track: “Don’t procrastinate!” Continue Reading

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21 Nov

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My First Year: A New Path


My name is Olivia Mulhern, and I am a sophomore here at the Mount. When I started at the Mount, I applied and was accepted into the Nursing program. Throughout high school, I felt like I was forced to have a career choice before the process of applying to college, which was stressful for me. However, I thought Nursing was my perfect career choice. I had the inspirations and grades for the program and career. Most importantly, I had the passion for it. Continue Reading