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08 Nov

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A Day in the Life of a Journalism/Public Relations Major


By Liz David

Journalism and Public Relations are two majors at the Mount that are not only a lot more fun and interesting than most people believe, they are also very easy to double major in (trust me…I’m currently doing it!). Now yes, there is a lot of writing (which I think all journalism majors secretly love doing anyway) and interviewing random strangers involved, but there is also so much more to it. If you like writing, social media, or working with the public then these two majors might be a great fit for you. To show you what it can be like as a double major in journalism and P.R., here is a peak at an average Tuesday in my life as one:

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06 Nov

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Marketing and More


By Sam Young 

Most people have a general idea of what marketing is, but the idea is often difficult for them to put into words. While marketing always boils down to one goal — creating demand for a product or service — there are countless ways to go about it, and as such, there are countless options for landing a career in marketing. I’ve tried to list most of the general options in this article and also tried to explain how you can use your time at the Mount to prepare for these job options.

Marketing Analytics These marketers collect and analyze data on relevant topics to meet a marketing objective. For example, marketing analysts might collect and review survey data to see how they could better improve the customer experience. They may also collect data on the purchasing behavior of specific demographics to see if they are viable target audiences for new product campaigns. One of the most ingenious applications of marketing analytics I’ve heard of had employees tracking weather data and health insurance withdrawals in target areas to estimate the demand for cold and flu medication. The potential applications of this field are countless. Any combination of Math and Business majors and minors from the Mount from the mount will definitely help prepare you for this field and with the number of overlapping classes in these areas, it’s not uncommon to double major.  Continue Reading

01 Oct

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3 Ways to Stand Out to Your Professors


By Pascal Kadamani

One of the most important parts of college is making connections and developing relationships with the people you interact with, including your professors! I know how nerve wrecking it might be to approach them at first, but I promise you won’t regret it.  All they want is to be there for you, and they can in so many ways. (i.e. assist you in coursework, write letters of recommendation, and help you grow your network). But before they can do all these things, they need to know who you are – and not just by your name being on the class roster. So here are 3 ways that I have used to try to stand out and create strong relationships with my professors: 

  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of the semester: Just like how it’s your first day of school, it’s their first day too! By showing up a little early to the first class of the semester, introducing yourself, and exchanging some small conversation, this opens the door to easily saying hello and goodbye during class (manners matter). This forces the professor to know who you are, along with how polite you are. 

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28 Jan

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English at the Mount: Not all that meets the eye


Victoria Kuhr ’20 (bottom row, first from left) is also a part of the Dominican Scholars of Hope, a living and learning community at the Mount dedicated to discovering and participating in the Mount’s Dominican heritage.

Despite having a self-proclaimed Type A personality, junior Victoria Kuhr was attracted to becoming an English major because of the very diversity and unstructured nature of the study.

“I was drawn to being an English major because of how diverse the major is and how there is not one direction nor field you can go in,” she explains.

The best advantage Victoria sees to being an English major is the tight knit community  she found in the Division of Arts and Letters.

“My academic division is fairly small, but it is extraordinarily close knit,” she said. “I feel I practically live in the Arts and Letters departments during certain times of the year whether needing help in my work or just to chat to some of my professors.” Continue Reading

02 Dec

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Opening Up New Worlds – English at the Mount


Rosemarie Budhwa, far left, is also an active member of the Mount Saint Mary College choir, which performed a musical revue of “Tomfoolery” last spring.

When Rosemarie Budhwa ’20 first began her study of English at the Mount, she thought her only career option would be in teaching the subject to others.

Thanks to the English faculty at the Mount, however, she soon fell in love with the other opportunities available to her as well.

“English is an area which allows students to go into a plethora of areas,” she explained. “At first, I thought Education was the only path which was available to me with an English degree. However, with the help of the English faculty, I was able to discover a plethora of paths which I was capable of taking and which one was the best for me. Therefore, with the knowledge of literature which the Mount provides, and the different areas which they introduce their students to, I was capable of finding a love for publishing and have been further pushed to discover what other areas I would be interested in focusing further on.” Continue Reading