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11 Jan

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Eagle Cam…coming soon!


We are excited to announce that we will soon have an Eagle Cam in the tree where the eagles had their eaglets last year! Earlier this winter, Associate Professor of Biology Doug Robinson climbed the tree to install the camera, and wiring is currently being connected to support a livestream. Check back at to see the stream once it is live!

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04 Jan

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Not Just a Nursing Major


Nursing is one of the Mount’s most popular majors, and for good reason – the preparation that the Mount provides for a career in health care is top notch. While the Nursing program is rigorous, Mount Nursing majors like Margot Cano prove that you can have a rich experience both inside and outside the classroom at the Mount while preparing for your future career.

In addition to being part of the Nursing Student Union, this year is the senior Nursing major’s third year as a resident assistant. She spent the past two years as an RA in Sakac Hall with female freshmen, but is now a senior resident assistant for upperclassmen in the College Courts.

Senior Nursing major Margot Cano

“I choose to get involved on campus because I enjoy meeting new people and putting myself out there to be apart of any opportunity that comes my way,” she said. “I believe being involved on campus has opened so many doors for me, has allowed me to grow and become a more outgoing person, and has given me the gift of lifelong friendships.” Continue Reading

21 Dec

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Meet the Mount: Destiny Bettica ’20


In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is.

Destiny Bettica ’20

Class Year: Junior

Major: History

Minors: Music/Theatre and Art

Campus Activities/Jobs: Different Stages (president), Knight Notes, Improvology, Dominican Scholars of Hope, Orientation Leader, College Choir, MSMC Theatre

Favorite spot on campus: The View

One word to describe the Mount: Home

Getting involved on campus has been the key to Destiny Bettica’s Mount experience being as wonderful as it has been.

“I decided to get involved on campus because I was told that it was an easier way to make friends, and boy was that right,” she notes. “Since getting involved, I’ve made so many connections with students and faculty that makes the Mount feel even more like Home.”
Continue Reading

11 Dec

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Byte Knights Website Development Workshop


Byte Knights is a club on campus for Information Technology. Recently, the club organizers Derek O’Hanlon, senior and president; Nicholas Viviano, senior and secretary; and Andrew Shultis, senior and treasurer, all came together to host a Web Development workshop for all Mount students.

Many Mount students came to the event and learned how to design and develop websites using specific technology like HTML and CSS. In today’s society we use computers heavily for businesses and such, so being able to use these technologies is an advantage.

The club officers plan to organize and host similar events for students to come to learn more about the web and become just as advanced as an IT student.

In addition to this workshop, Byte Knights also hosts a the Mobile Application development workshop, teaches coding to students at Newburgh Armory, organizes field trips to New Public Radio and IBM, and invites guest speakers from IT industry.

For more information about different events coming up go to the website

Join Byte Knights today!


06 Dec

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My First Year: Q & A with Day’sha Tyson ’22


Name: Day’sha Tyson

Entry Year and Status: 2018 (Freshman)

Major/Intended Major:

How did you decide on your academic or career path?

I chose the nursing program because of my interest in how things work and because I have a desire to help others. Also, because it’s a great way to provide and take care of my mother.

How did you overcome obstacles during your first year?

I will admit I struggled in the beginning because the transition from high school is very different. But, as time tried, I learned different study methods to help me with my classes. Most of all, I reminded myself that my purpose is bigger than just me.

What advice would you give to first-year students who are struggling?

My advice would be that it’s okay to ask for help.  Half of the students don’t know what we are doing, especially in the first year. Also, focus on the more important things, not just the fun aspect of college but what you came here for. Continue Reading