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07 Jan

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What To Do Right Now to Prepare for the Spring Semester


By Mack the Knight

Believe it or not, the spring semester is only two weeks away! Here are some things you can do right now to prepare for a fantastic Spring 2020 semester:

  • Start packing: If you pack for five minutes every day, then you won’t have to cram next Sunday! Don’t forget to bring back a professional outfit for any Career Center events or internship/job interviews coming up this semester.
  • Read a good book: Knowledge helps in any field, so no matter what classes you’re taking this semester, you’ll have a broader worldview just by reading one extra book! (Even better, get ahead on your semester’s reading by starting one of your textbooks early.)
  • Join a new club: Check out our list of more than 30 clubs and reach out to the club president to find out when they meet!
  • Get ahead on applications: Now is the time to start applications for graduate school, summer jobs and internships, study abroad, donor scholarships, and more! Check out the Portal announcements section for upcoming deadlines.
  • Set your schedule: Curl up in a comfy chair and write out your schedule, either digitally or in a planner, for the semester, including classes, club meetings, internship or job hours, and sports practices and games. That way, you can start the semester off feeling organized and just having to add tests and project deadlines! Don’t forget to schedule in some time for self-care and relaxation.
  • Sleep in: We all know sleep is a precious commodity in college, so get in some extra zzzz’s now so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the coming semester!

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02 Jan

Comments Off on 20 New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

20 New Year’s Resolutions for 2020


By Mack the Knight

Whether you’re a prospective student, current student, or alumni, we’ve got a Mount resolution to inspire you throughout 2020!

Prospective Students:

1. Apply to the Mount!

2. Attend an admissions event.

3. Commit to the Mount!

4. Start classes here.

5. Take a photo with your acceptance packet and post it to social media (be sure to tag us #LovintheKnightLife)!

Current Students:

6. Make the Dean’s List.

7. Reach 20 pieces of Mount swag in your closet.

8. Take a class in a subject you’ve never tried before.

9. Make three new friends. Continue Reading

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19 Dec

Comments Off on 10 Things That Made the 2010s Awesome

10 Things That Made the 2010s Awesome


The 2010s were a pretty good decade for the Mount! We saw growth in a number of areas and had some pretty awesome moments. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. We bought, renovated, and opened the Dominican Center.


2. Jesse McCartney played on campus in 2018 and brought out the inner early 2000s middle school girl in all of us.


3. We added 19 new programs to our academic offerings, including concentrations in Sports Management and Healthcare Management as well as majors like Cybersecurity and Exercise Science. Continue Reading

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10 Dec

Comments Off on 7 Things That Should Be on Every College Senior’s Bucket List

7 Things That Should Be on Every College Senior’s Bucket List


By Liz David 

Another Fall semester has to come to an end. For the seniors, this means that our last Fall semester is over…and before we know it our time here at the Mount and in college will be ending too. For the past three years we have been living our best college lives to the best of our abilities, but maybe there are some things that we have yet to experience as a college student. Luckily, there is still plenty of time to try and experience all the things we haven’t had the chance or maybe didn’t have the courage to try in college. So to help you figure out how to truly enjoy every last moment of your college life, here are 7 things that should be on your college bucket list:


  • Attending a school event. There are so many different events hosted all the time here at the Mount, however I’m sure there are at least a few of you who have never really bothered or thought about attending one, at least willingly. But this is your last chance to give the various activities the Mount is offering to us students a try. I myself was skeptical about attending my first college hosted event, but they actually can be a lot of fun. (Especially with friends). I personally recommend Bingo!

Continue Reading

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01 Dec

Comments Off on The 10 Commandments of Being a Mount Student

The 10 Commandments of Being a Mount Student


By Mack the Knight

1. Thou shall not go more than one day without seeing someone from Long or Staten Island.

2. Thou shall own at least 10 Mount shirts prior to graduation (at least 7 of which thou received for free at an event).

3. Thou shall not step on the seal in Aquinas Hall if thou does not want to be delayed in graduating (according to myth that is handed down from generation to generation).

4. Thou shall hold the door open for the next person no matter how far away they are.

5. Thou shall take at least one class on the third floor in Aquinas. Thou is also obligated to complain about the stairs every time they are climbed.

6. Thou shall not make it through all four years without being confused with another Mount Saint Mary. “The one in Maryland?” “No.” “The one in California?” “…no.”

7. Thou shall wear thy lanyard around thine neck the first few weeks of freshman year (and then suddenly stop for some reason).

8. Thou shall describe the Mount as “home” or “community” at least once.

9. Thou shall not enter Billy Joe’s or the Alexis Diner without seeing at least one other fellow Knight.

10. Thou shall take every opportunity to replace “night” with “Knight.”

Have you broken any of these commandments? No worries! Just try to be a better Knight next time!