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17 Sep

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Getting the Most Out of a Mount Experience


Debbie Francisco (left) helped to coordinate this year’s Orientation for the Class of 2022.

It’s safe to say that for Debbie Francisco ’19, being bored is probably an infrequent experience.

The senior Psychology major is a member of Catholic Relief Services, Get Creative club, Latino Student Union, Wellness Anti-Violence Educators (WAVE), Campus Ministry, and Psi Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology). Plus, she is also a Resident Assistant, the co-director of Beginnings in Psychological Science (BIPS), and an Orientation Coordinator.

“I choose to get involved on campus every year because I noticed the difference this made between freshmen year and sophomore year,” she noted. “After my first year at the Mount, I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to participate in club activities. The quality of my student life has improved greatly since then.” Continue Reading

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12 Sep

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Double Majoring at the Mount


Cameron Pagan (standing, second from right), a Mathematics and IT major at the Mount, was part of the inaugural Student Competition Using Differential Equation Modeling (SCUDEM), held at the Mount in 2017.

When Cameron Pagan, now a junior at the college, initially thought about college, there was no doubt he wanted to be an Information Technology major.

When he found out that the Information Technology program at the Mount was part of the Division of Mathematics and Information Technology, he decided to major in both Math and IT, so he would have more options.

“Right away, I saw the benefit of having both,” Cameron explains. While majoring in two subjects will not only make him a more marketable job candidate in the future, having a background in both subject areas is also useful for his current college classes, as the two subjects are very interconnected. Continue Reading

07 Sep

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MFY Faculty Flashback: Samantha Stobert


Every other week, the My First Year blog will be sharing stories of faculty so that our freshman students can get to know their professors a bit better and hear some of their advice for new students.

Samantha Stobert, Director of First Year Experience

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it was thirty years ago that I shouldered my backpack and headed out for my very first day at the University of Vermont. When I look back on that overwhelming day, I smile to think that I am now the director of First Year Experience, helping freshmen successfully transition into their own first year of college! On the first day of each new year here at the Mount, I relive how nervous – even terrified! – I felt heading through the throng of other students to my first college class ever. Don’t get me wrong – it was fun, too. Starting college was cause for celebration, just like it is here at the Mount, and all kinds of people were rallying to make me feel comfortable and happy about being there. But in a way, this made me feel guilty for not being as happy as it seemed I should be. In my case, coming from a small, rural town with a tiny high school to a large university made me feel like I was disappearing into a crowd. Everyone seemed so much more sophisticated and sure of themselves than me. To add to my anxiety, I was a nerd who put a lot of pressure on myself to do well in school, and when I got a look at my first syllabus, I could just tell that the game was going to be different at college. Continue Reading

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03 Sep

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Meet the Mount: Trevor Dyess ’19


In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is.

Trevor Dyess ’19

Class Year: Senior

Major: Business Management and Administration, 5-year BS and MBA program

Concentration: Marketing

Athletics: Lacrosse

Campus activities/jobs: Admissions Ambassador

Favorite spot on campus: Lacrosse field

One word to describe the Mount: Home

Career aspirations: eSports or video game business associate or advertising professional

Favorite experience at the Mount: The Business and Law of Sports and Entertainment in the Hudson Valley panel, especially meeting Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports. It was nice to meet someone who’s been through it and done it.

What is your Mount story? Contact us at to share your Mount experience!

29 Aug

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Eagle Watch – August 29, 2018


“Maybe it’s no accident that the eagles have selected MSMC for their home,” Associate Professor of Communications Eric Langstedt pointed out recently. With the eagle being a common symbol of the United States, it seems fitting that the eagles have chosen to nest just a few miles from Washington’s Headquarters, where our nation’s first president spent time during the founding of our country. Mount History students have long enjoyed tours of the facility, located just 1.2 miles from campus, and the eagles’ residence on campus brings this connection full circle.

Photo by Lee Ferris

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