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06 Nov

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My Summer Undergraduate Research Experience


Hannah Mulhall

This summer, I took part in the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program at the Mount. I spent ten weeks researching the effects of a blood substitute called OxyVita. The program gave me an amazing opportunity to spend time at the school and in the lab just focusing on research without worrying about anything else.

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30 Oct

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Spirit of the Mount Week Lights Up Campus


It’s mid-October. Midterms are underway, leaves are falling, grass is changing, and students are… fighting? Not entirely.

Last week was Spirit Week, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. During Spirit Week, the usually family-like campus community competes against each other in different teams, divided by their classes.

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02 Oct

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Mount Student Produces Video for Poughkeepsie Journal


As part of Mount student Molly McKee’s internship at the Poughkeepsie Journal, she shot and edited the above video about the Historic Kimlin Cider Mill. Molly had this to say about her internship:

The Poughkeepsie Journal is a wonderful place to intern. I work for the multimedia part of the Journal, meaning I shoot footage either in the studio or on location. I then edit it and upload it to the website. Since working at the Journal, I have learned so much, including how to conduct a great interview, how to edit footage on new software, and how to use different camera equipment. The on-site experiences I’ve gained within the last month have been great! They have taught me so much about working in the “real world.” My favorite parts about working for the Journal are shooting and then editing footage. I enjoy doing this because I can really take the story that I am shooting and make it my own meaningful story.

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18 Sep

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Junior Year, Halfway There


Jade Hanley

It’s back to school season, the time of year that’s unpleasant for some, and glorious for others. I’ve always been one of those kids excited about going back to school. Getting an education was something I never took for granted. I also love being able to see my friends all the time. My theory growing up was that if you could manage having friends and doing well in school, you were doing everything you had to do to succeed.

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