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15 May

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A Lifetime of MSMC


By Belle Frank

It’s weird to think I have spent more than half my life on the Mount Saint Mary College campus. I became a Knight when I was 10 and I started middle school at Bishop Dunn Memorial.

Most graduates look back at their years on campus and reminisce about all their “firsts.” Their first all-nighter, their first friend, first write up. And yea, I look at all of those too with a smile spread across my face, but I also look back to my “first firsts.” Like, my first musical debut on the Aquinas stage in sixth grade. My first science lab taught by Dr. Bhalla in seventh grade. My first eight grade dance in the Hudson Auditorium.

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20 Apr

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How to Choose a College Virtually


By Belle Frank

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions of your young adult life. Not being able to see the college before making the decision just puts added pressure on you. So here are some tips to make the choice just a little easier.

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01 Apr

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Working From Home: The Ultimate Guide


By Belle Frank

Although it sounds like a luxury, working from home is no small feat. It can be difficult to focus, stay motivated, and be productive. But here are some tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your workday. Continue Reading

26 Mar

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7 Ways to Virtually Keep In Touch With Friends


By Belle Frank

If you’re like me, all your friends go back to their hometowns during summer, winter, or spring break. I’m left hours from my best friends. However, there are plenty of ways to remedy this. You don’t always have to live down the hall from your friends to stay connected with them.

  1. Have a Zoom conference with your friends:

I know it sounds weird. Zoom is used for work conferences or school. But my sisters and I all live in different states and we Zoom conference because there are too many of us to Face-time. My friends even take workout classes on Zoom. You can all join a Zoom class and virtually exercise together!

This was a easy Zoom yoga class I took with all my friends!

  1. Netflix Party:

Netflix has a feature that you can live watch anything with your friends. Just go to Google and type ‘Netflix Party” in the search bar and it should be the first result. There is even a live chat on the screen so you and your friends can make your own commentary.

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24 Feb

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Misconceptions High School Students Have About College


By Belle Frank

I sat down with sophomores Julia Loda and Julia Loprinzo to talk about the misconceptions they had about college.

Loda (left) is an IT major with a certification in Childhood Education, and Loprinzo (right) is a Social Science and History major with a certification in Childhood Education.

A common misconception about their major is that Childhood Education students just color and grade papers about the ABC’s, but that is not the case. Loda says, “Lesson planning takes hours. People don’t realize how much work their teachers put into all their daily lessons.”

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