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28 May

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Meet the Mount: Nicholas Tucker ’21


In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is.

Nicholas Tucker ’21

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Psychology with a concentration in Counseling Minor: Criminology

Campus Activities: Member of Catholic Relief Services, Choir Singer at Mass, Dominican Scholars of Hope, Member of Habitat for Humanity, Orientation Coordinator for Summer Orientation 2019, Resident Assistant, Vice President of the Social Sciences Club, and Work Study Student at the Writing Center.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Chapel of Most Holy Rosary- DC Chapel

Career Aspirations: Become a Mental Health Counselor and a College Professor.

One word to describe the Mount: Vibrant

Nicholas Tucker ’21 has only been at the Mount two years and has already made a huge impact on the campus community. Whether it’s his involvement with various organizations on campus or just his bright, upbeat personality, Nick has definitely made a positive name for himself so far.

His love for the school shows each and every day. “Every day at the Mount is filled with so many diverse surprises and exciting moments, which as a result, leads me to cherish the time that I am at the Mount even more.” The Mount has been able to open so many doors for Nick and being able to do everything he does while balancing being a student is a prime example of a true student leader. Continue Reading

15 May

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Life After College- A Series for Mount Seniors


Taylor Keller

Major: Human Services with a minor in Psychology

After college: Attending Adelphi University to get a Master of Social Work

Career Ambition: Clinical social worker, working with children who have learning/intellectual disabilities.


Taylor Keller, a senior at Mount Saint Mary College, has made the decision to continue her education after she graduates and attend Adelphi College to get a master’s degree in Social Work. Her hard work and dedication to her studies here at the Mount have encouraged her to pursue more. Sitting down with Taylor, she discussed everything she is feeling as she is getting ready for her next journey.

With continuing her education, Taylor is excited to apply her knowledge she’s acquired over these past four years and continue to grow and learn more in preparation for her future career. “I know this adventure of graduate school will teach me about my strengths, capabilities, and passion for helping others,” she explained. Continue Reading

07 May

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Life After College- A Series for Mount Seniors


Sarah Waleck

Major: Biology

After college: Attending Seton Hall University and attending their Physician Assistant School.

Career Ambition: Physician Assistant working in Orthopedic Surgery.


Sarah Waleck, who is a current senior at Mount Saint Mary College, is preparing for her life after college just like most seniors are at this point in the year. With graduation quickly approaching, Sarah has made the choice to continue her education and attend Seton Hall University to pursue a master’s degree while attending their Physician Assistant school. Sarah plans to continue building the foundation that the Mount has already helped her start.

Sitting down with Sarah, she was able to give some insight on how she is feeling as she is about to embark on her next journey and closing the chapter on her current one. “These past four years I have spent the majority of time working to build a solid foundation for physician assistant school. I can’t wait to build on that and apply everything that I have learned to clinical situations,” she said. Sarah will be spending the next three years working towards her ultimate career goal, to become a physician assistant (PA). Continue Reading

17 Apr

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Meet the Mount: Professor Scott Russell


In our “Meet the Mount” series, we’ll be highlighting some of the Mount’s people – our students, faculty, staff, and alumni – who make this college the wonderful community it is.

Scott Russell- Assistant Professor of Sports Management

Title: Assistant Professor of Sports Management

Years at the Mount: Three

Department: School of Business

Campus involvement: Faculty Athletics representative; representative for the School of Business on the Faculty Senate; and member of the Admissions Committee, the Study Abroad Advisory Committee, the Athletics Hall-of-Fame Committee, the Writing Intensive Committee, and the FYE Advisory Committee.

Favorite spot on campus: His office – He says his door is always open and it makes his day to have a student stop in to chat for a while, whether planning for next semester’s classes, discussing an internship, or just talking about the prospects for an upcoming sports season.

One word to describe the Mount: Optimism

Before coming to the Mount, Scott Russell coached at the collegiate level for 20 years. Coming to the Mount was a similar feeling to being a coach. “My favorite thing about working for the college is having the ability to interact with my students the same way I did with my athletes,” Russell said about working at the Mount. Russell got to know all of his athletes well, and they became close to a family. He believes the same principles apply to being a teacher: “The size of our campus and the number of different classes I teach give me a better chance to have a positive impact on, and provide academic advice to, our students.” Continue Reading

10 Apr

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A Letter to My Freshman Self


Dear Freshman Me,

Graduation is quickly approaching and just like that, four quick years are gone. I am sitting here writing this letter to you because knowing what I know now, there are a lot of things I wish I were able to tell you back then. College was an experience of many ups and downs and it involved a lot of trial and error. The biggest advice I want to give you is enjoy this time. In a blink of an eye, you are graduating and the real world starts to set in.

Freshman year was filled with new experiences and new surroundings. It was your first time away from home. We didn’t have mom there to hold our hand and do our laundry. We had to figure it out for ourselves or we wouldn’t have any clean clothes. But guess what, you did it, and that was just the first milestone of many more to come. Once we conquered our laundry, it was time to move onto something more on the larger scale. You were in a totally new atmosphere and you didn’t know who anyone was. Your friends from high school may not have been there, so it was time to make some new friends. You were able to put yourself out there and soon enough, you had your group. These friends became your family away from home and they are who you spent every day with. Continue Reading