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19 Dec

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10 Things That Made the 2010s Awesome


The 2010s were a pretty good decade for the Mount! We saw growth in a number of areas and had some pretty awesome moments. Here are a few of our favorites!

1. We bought, renovated, and opened the Dominican Center.


2. Jesse McCartney played on campus in 2018 and brought out the inner early 2000s middle school girl in all of us.


3. We added 19 new programs to our academic offerings, including concentrations in Sports Management and Healthcare Management as well as majors like Cybersecurity and Exercise Science. Continue Reading

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01 Dec

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The 10 Commandments of Being a Mount Student


By Mack the Knight

1. Thou shall not go more than one day without seeing someone from Long or Staten Island.

2. Thou shall own at least 10 Mount shirts prior to graduation (at least 7 of which thou received for free at an event).

3. Thou shall not step on the seal in Aquinas Hall if thou does not want to be delayed in graduating (according to myth that is handed down from generation to generation).

4. Thou shall hold the door open for the next person no matter how far away they are.

5. Thou shall take at least one class on the third floor in Aquinas. Thou is also obligated to complain about the stairs every time they are climbed.

6. Thou shall not make it through all four years without being confused with another Mount Saint Mary. “The one in Maryland?” “No.” “The one in California?” “…no.”

7. Thou shall wear thy lanyard around thine neck the first few weeks of freshman year (and then suddenly stop for some reason).

8. Thou shall describe the Mount as “home” or “community” at least once.

9. Thou shall not enter Billy Joe’s or the Alexis Diner without seeing at least one other fellow Knight.

10. Thou shall take every opportunity to replace “night” with “Knight.”

Have you broken any of these commandments? No worries! Just try to be a better Knight next time!

30 Oct

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60 Reasons to Love the Mount


By Mack Knight

Today is our 60th birthday! On October 30, 1959, we became a four-year college.

To celebrate, we asked the Mount community to tell us 60 reasons why they love this college. We got more than 60, with many people highlighting some of the same awesome reasons, so here are the top 60 reasons that our community loves the Mount!

1. Beautiful campus/scenic views/gorgeous views
2. Small class sizes
3. Professors that know you by name
4. Being surrounded by familiar faces
5. Felt like home when I visited
6. Tight-knit community
7. So many opportunities!
8. The food
9. I felt welcomed
10. Education program Continue Reading

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08 Oct

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Here’s Why the MSMC Career Center Rocks


By Mack the Knight

Ask graduating seniors which offices impacted their time on campus the most, and you’re sure to always have many people mention the Career Center.

It makes sense. The Career Center holds so much responsibility for helping students succeed. From professional development to career counseling to preparing for graduate school to finding an internship to sprucing up resumes…goodness, I’m out of breath just listing off some of their responsibilities!

But what really makes the Career Center at the Mount incredible is the staff. They are truly such an amazing group of people who work tirelessly to help us all succeed and let us know there is always someone in our corner cheering for us. From the director, Kathleen O’Keefe, who was recognized as a pillar of the Mount this year; to Heather Fitzsimmons, who was one of Dutchess County’s Forty Under 40 recipients; to Ellen Bourhis-Nolan, who runs so many workshops to help students be prepared for jobs or graduate school; to Robin Rosenberg, who is so involved on campus and in the community; to the always bubbly Megan Rossi ’13, who returned to the Mount community after volunteering in the Peace Corps; to the incredible Regina Eisenbacher, who keeps everything organized and always has a smile for everyone. It’s just an incredible group!

But don’t just take my word for it: So many of our students rave about the Career Center that we wanted to collect it all in one place.

The Career Center went above and beyond to help me. Mrs. O’Keefe (the Career Center director) helped me create and polish my resume, and she arranged interviews at a newspaper and a publishing company. These internships really helped focus my resume and give me experience in my field, which went a long way. The Mount is the main reason I found what I wanted in a career.” — Courtney Fahy ’14, editorial assistant at Little Bee Books

Continue Reading

04 Oct

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The Stages of Deciding Where to Go to College (as told by GIFs)


By Mack the Knight

So you’re getting ready to make your college decision, and the pressure is high. How do you make such a momentous decision? By consulting GIFs of course!

Here are the stages of deciding where to go to college, as told by GIFs:

Getting excited by acceptance packets, but then instantly feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions that have to be made:


Procrastinating on making said decision:

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