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08 Jun

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Echoes of a Philosophy Minor


Maria Greco ’13 did something very few Mount students take on – she graduated with a Philosophy minor during her time at the Mount, something that she’s still grateful for today.

Back in 2013 during her senior year, we highlighted Maria in the MSMC Magazine, and she touched on how her Philosophy minor made her think about her other course subjects and her faith in a deeper way.

Left: Maria in 2013

Classes with instructor Justin Chiarot helped her “push boundaries and ask questions about my faith,” she noted in 2013. “It intrigued me and made me want to learn more.”

Now a nurse, Maria still sees the echoes of her Philosophy training in her work and faith. Continue Reading

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07 Jun

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Then and Now: Megan Capurso ’14


Left: Megan Capurso graduates from the Mount in 2014. Right: Megan Capurso ’14 at her graduation from Boston College School of Theology and Ministry with a Master of Divinity.

Around this time in 2014, Megan Capurso ’14 was getting ready to set out on a new adventure.

The Mount alumna, who majored in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Religious Studies and Psychology, had graduated a year early from the Mount thanks to college credits earned in high school. The fresh college graduate had her sights on a year of service with Capuchin Youth and Family Ministries in Garrison, N.Y., followed by pursuing a master’s degree in Theology.

Four years later, she has accomplished all of those goals. After completing a year of service with the Capuchins, Megan began graduates studies at Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and graduated this May with a Master of Divinity. Continue Reading

04 Jun

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Study Tips from Honors Program students – Part 2


Looking for some study tips? The members of our MSMC Honors Program talk about the study tips that have worked for them.

Time Management

Nicole Cavallo – senior Biology and Chemistry major on the Physician Assistant prep track: “Don’t procrastinate!”

Catrina Colombo – sophomore Undeclared major:“Taking a little bit, day-by-day, so cramming isn’t an option. It’s less stressful and more efficient!”

Brianna De Lizzio – sophomore Nursing major: “Start early, way before you think you need to. Even if your friends aren’t studying yet, it is okay. You will be more prepared. If you make a study guide for each exam as the semester is going on, you can compile all of your study guides at the end to study for your final, and you don’t need to spend time making one. Plus, if you keep up with your work and do well all year, you won’t have as much pressure on yourself to do well on the final.” Continue Reading

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30 May

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Applying for College


You’re with your family sitting on the couch on a Friday night, relaxing, laughing, and enjoying not thinking about the list of responsibilities that come with being in your senior year of high school.

Then seconds later, your parents ask you the most stressful, nerve-wracking, and suspenseful question: “So Deanna…Where do you plan on going to college?” And for every senior, hearing and thinking about this question creates such indecisiveness in knowing where to be for the next four years.

Right: Deanna Giardina, a freshman at the Mount

However, having been through the college application process myself, it is not as hard as it seems. The best and first step is to start the application process early. Be organized, know your deadlines, and make sure you’re submitting the correct application to each school (since sometimes different schools require different applications). Pushing yourself to start taking action early will go a very long way in the future. Plus, colleges also love to see you apply early because it allows them to get a head start on the application process as well. Continue Reading