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21 Mar

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More than financial aid: HEOP at the Mount


The Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) is a program that provides academic and financial support to students who otherwise would not be able to attend college. The program, however, is competitive and looks for motivated and economically-disadvantaged students to provide access to a higher education. Not only does this program pave a path to success and prepare students for the real world, it also helps build connections and emphasizes the importance of the community.

As an HEOP student at Mount Saint Mary College, I can honestly say that the program has offered life-changing opportunities I couldn’t receive anywhere else. I’m currently the sophomore representative and chair of Current Events for our Leadership Council, where we organize community outreach and diversity awareness events. Some of our community outreach events include going to local high schools and The Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh to guest speak and provide information about HEOP and college preparation. As a Newburgh resident, I feel the importance of building bridges and connecting the youth in the surrounding area by offering them options. We’ve also collaborated with the Latino Student Union to provide educational events about DACA and plan to collaborate with the Black Student Union for Black History month. Continue Reading

15 Mar

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My First Year – Avoiding Procrastination


This week, sophomore Psychology major Jennefer Ferdous continues her advice for freshmen with tips on avoiding procrastination.

As your classes in college get harder and more advanced, getting an A in every subject also gets harder, and procrastinating certainly doesn’t help.

Procrastination was a bad habit of mine that messed with my academic performance ever since high school. When I had a lot of homework, I always waited until the last minute to do it. Waiting until the last minute, however, did not give me enough time to edit and show my best performance, making some of my assignments look sloppy. Continue Reading

14 Mar

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Eagle Watch – March 14, 2018


Good morning on Pi day everyone,

We have some good news this morning: we have a female Bald Eagle now incubating *something* in the nest! I thought I could see the female on the nest on Sunday night around 10:30pm, but couldn’t quit be certain of my observation. Having looked yesterday and not discerned the female sitting low in the nest yesterday, I was dubious of my observation on Sunday. But today? Yep! She is on the nest and from her behaviors in the nest this morning ( ), she is clearly sitting atop something in the nest; look at the video at 45s and see she stands and waddles in the nest, movements that indicate she’s adjusting egg/s in the nest. Without climbing to the nest, we can’t be certain how many eggs she might be on, but in about 35ish days, we’ll know.

Below is a picture of the male (on the right) visiting the female while she sits low in the nest (sorry about the quality; it’s windy out there!).

How fortunate are we?!


Doug Robinson


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10 Mar

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The Mount Reflects: Off-Campus Eateries


MSMC Dining pretty much has it all for your everyday meals, but our students also have plenty of options for off-campus eateries! We asked some of our current students to tell us their favorite places to eat in Newburgh:


Billy Joe’s Ribworks – Caitlyn Shult ’18 and Kiara Algarin ’21
BBQ – 1.6 miles

Captain Jake’s – Kayla O’Connor ’19
Seafood – 1.5 miles Continue Reading

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06 Mar

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Eagle Watch – March 6, 2018



Good morning all, On the eve of another major snow storm, our resident pair of Bald Eagles continues to add to their nest. Since the first sighting of the eagles on campus around 25 January 2018, the eagles have added sticks to broaden the nest by 18” on each side and increased the depth of the nest by double! Over the last two weeks, nest lining material, including grass and pine needles have been brought to the nest, indicating that the eagles seem pretty serious about having a go at raising some young this season.

Attendance at the nest has increased over the last 10 days and the eagles are typically in the vicinity of the nest throughout the day. We’re waiting now to have the female sit in the nest for long periods of time; only then will we really know the pair have eggs in the nest. Once the incubation of the eggs begins, the female will be sitting low in the nest for the majority of each hour of the day (24 hrs a day!). We can’t see into the nest, so we’re banking on reading the behavior of the female to know when we’ve got eggs! Stay tuned!

For now, here are some pictures of our pair from this morning following the arrival of one with another stick for the nest. Enjoy!


Doug Robinson

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