A Lifetime of MSMC

by · May 15, 2020

By Belle Frank

It’s weird to think I have spent more than half my life on the Mount Saint Mary College campus. I became a Knight when I was 10 and I started middle school at Bishop Dunn Memorial.

Most graduates look back at their years on campus and reminisce about all their “firsts.” Their first all-nighter, their first friend, first write up. And yea, I look at all of those too with a smile spread across my face, but I also look back to my “first firsts.” Like, my first musical debut on the Aquinas stage in sixth grade. My first science lab taught by Dr. Bhalla in seventh grade. My first eight grade dance in the Hudson Auditorium.

This campus has seen me grow up for 12 years. My first bonfire and family weekend was in 2010 with my sister Lily. The first time I studied in the library was when the library was still in Aquinas with my sister Annie.

MSMC will always hold a special place in my heart. This campus first saw me as a crying sixth grader making her mother walk her to the first day of middle school. This campus also saw me start sobbing as a college freshman after my parents left on move-in-day. But this campus also saw me blossom into a confident Resident Assistant that helped train an entire new staff. And it watched me create a club into a student government position. And now, this campus is watching me graduate college and finally move forward.

The moments when fear takes over, I will remember and cherish the accomplishments I made here. I will be reminded that this community helped me grow and pushed me to learn. I know my MSMC family will continue to help and support me even through the moments that aren’t with me.

This is the time in my life that I feel like that scared sixth grader or college freshman. I have known MSMC for more than half my life and now I am finally leaving this campus that has felt like a security blanket for so long. But I put that fear aside because I know that I have learned enough to be prepared for anything to come. My education from MSMC was more than what was taught to me in a classroom. I learned lessons in Resident Directors’ offices, Taco Bell drive throughs at 3 AM, and my friends’ dorms.

To the students still on their journey, soak in the moments. Take learning experiences where you can get them. Life skills come from your times out of the classroom. Take time to reflect on your days and learn from your mistakes. And most importantly, enjoy the time you have with your friends. Soon enough, you won’t be able to make them come to your dorm at 4 AM because you want to rearrange your dorm furniture.

Go Knights!