8 tips for succeeding in an online class

by · March 13, 2020

By Mack the Knight

Whether you’ve been taking online classes for years or this is your first time, here are some tips for succeeding in an online college class.

1. Set up a dedicated space to complete your work. If you can, pick a spot where you can really focus and won’t be distracted by family members, TV, or other noises. Make that your “school spot” and consider designating it a social media-free zone.

2. Get dressed. As tempting as it is to get your schoolwork done while still in your pajamas, getting up and dressed can help put you in the right frame of mind and signal to your brain that it’s time to work.

3. Allow yourself time to get work done. Taking an online class may feel like it starts to blend with everything else in life. Set up a schedule and stick to it. A good tip might be to work on your assignments during the time you’d normally be in class in person to help keep the routine.

4. Stay in contact with your professor. Don’t be afraid to email them! That’s what they’re there for.

5. Stay in contact with your academic coach, support staff, and more. Similarly, most of our campus offices are still available for assistance via phone calls, email, and even video conferencing. Your resources are still available to you off-campus; don’t hesitate to use them!

6. Rewatch lectures. Missed something your professor said in a lecture? Here’s something for you to take advantage of: if your professor has posted lectures for you to watch, you can go back and rewatch that part until you understand it.

7. Participate meaningfully in discussion forums. We’ve all seen the meme about the student trying to come up with a meaningful response to “I like bread” in a discussion forum. Don’t be that person! Try to continue the important conversations you’ve been having in class online.

8. Make sure to take breaks. Don’t try to do all of your schoolwork for the day in an hour. Try getting up every 45 minutes and taking a break. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and move around.

The bottom line is, just like in person instruction, you get out of online instruction what you put into it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your support system at the college; we’re all here to help you continue to succeed!

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