The 5 Best Places to Nap on Campus (Besides Your Dorm)

by · February 19, 2020

By Daley O’Keefe

Some days throughout the semester are guaranteed to be so hectic, that time between classes is limited and nights usually end up sleepless. For those times where you need to get a couple ZZZs in, but don’t have enough time to head back to your comfy room, here are the top 5 places on campus to take a quick nap.

1: The Library

The DC is full of fun little hideouts or comfy couches you can find to work or whatever homework or studying needs to get done. Plus, when your eyes start to glaze over from reading your textbook, it’s a perfect place to rest your head for a quick catnap.

2: In the View

Most of the time you’re already in the View to get food, why not take a little nap there too? The booths are pretty comfortable, and it cuts down on travel time, too! As long as you’re comfortable sleeping around other people, this is a great place to nap to save some time!

3: The Pool Lobby 

Although I’m sure it’s not the first place most people think of, the couches set up right outside the pool are a great place to take a nap.Unlike Aquinas, the pool tends to attract little traffic, so you won’t get interrupted while sleeping. The only downside is that sometimes people drop their weights a little too loudly.

4: The Aquinas Atrium

The comfy chairs in the Aquinas Atrium are the perfect place to rest your eyes in between classes. This spot is great because it’s so close to the many classes that are in Aquinas, so you’ll either already be in the building, or if your next class is there it saves time from walking back to your dorm between classes.

5: The Hudson Student Lounge 

The student lounge in Hudson provides a nice quiet getaway from all of the noise in Aquinas, because it’s pretty tucked away. While the chairs aren’t necessarily the comfiest of all of your options, the fact that it is so out of the way makes it a good place for a nap.

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