Best Music to Listen to While Studying

by · November 11, 2019

By Jennarose Colucci

Studying is something that every college student has to do but never ever wants to. It is usually extremely stressful and can make you feel like it will never end. A great way to help you survive the endless and torturous hours of studying is with music. Music can make studying go by quicker and help with maintaining your focus. The type of music you should listen to completely depends on your interest, and what kind of work you are doing! If I have to do some intense studying or if I’m reading a book for homework, I will usually play some soft instrumental music, classical music, or acoustic songs. Most of the time I do not listen to music with lyrics when I’m reading because they make me lose focus of what I’m trying to read. 

I would recommend making a playlist or finding one on whichever music streaming service you use. I use Spotify, and my favorite playlists to listen to while studying are from Spotify’s study genre “Instrumental Study” and “Peaceful Guitar”. They help me focus and provide nice background noise while I try to study. If I am just doing homework and don’t need to focus as much, then I will usually listen to “Study Zone”, which has soft pop ballads that I can sing along to a little bit while I get work done! Spotify has so many different types of studying playlists that range from Jazz to Rap. If you do not use Spotify or can’t find one on there that suits you, make your own, because no one knows you and your study habits better than yourself! 

Here are some examples and links to the best playlists I recommend for studying and getting your work done:

Instrumental Study: 

A smooth musical backdrop to keep your focus on the task at hand.


Study Zone:  

Soft pop ballads to help you focus, think and get through that homework!

Peaceful Guitar: 

Unwind to these calm acoustic guitar pieces.


All Nighter: 

Stay focused with these instrumental electronic and trap beats.