A Day in the Life of a Journalism/Public Relations Major

by · November 8, 2019

By Liz David

Journalism and Public Relations are two majors at the Mount that are not only a lot more fun and interesting than most people believe, they are also very easy to double major in (trust me…I’m currently doing it!). Now yes, there is a lot of writing (which I think all journalism majors secretly love doing anyway) and interviewing random strangers involved, but there is also so much more to it. If you like writing, social media, or working with the public then these two majors might be a great fit for you. To show you what it can be like as a double major in journalism and P.R., here is a peak at an average Tuesday in my life as one:

  • On Tuesdays I usually start my day by getting up at 8:40, which is when my first alarm goes off. (But in reality I keep hitting snooze until 9:00).
  • At 9:00 I finally leave the comfort of my bed (sadly) and get ready for class.
  • Getting ready for class includes picking out an outfit, deciding whether to just run my brush through my hair quick or putting it in a ponytail, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, packing my bag, and grabbing a water (and some other small beauty routines here and there).
  • I walk down from the DC to Aquinas and either walk up the stairs or take the elevator up to my 9:35 class on the second floor, (depending on how tired and lazy I am that day).
  • My 9:35 class is Math for the Elementary School Teacher, which is my last general ed class I have to take before I graduate.
  • Usually this class includes my teacher going over our homework we had assigned, going over hand-outs or a powerpoint, and sometimes even working with hands on objects.
  • Currently we are learning how to teach elementary aged children how to multiply big numbers, round, and divide.
  • Class usually ends right at 11:00, with my professor assigning homework due the next class and collecting the homework we went over at the beginning.
  • Next I got to my 11:10 class on the first floor of Aquinas, which is Copyediting.
  • In this class we usually are introduced to a new topic through a powerpoint, and then work on a class exercise.
  • We are currently learning how to properly edit news articles, how to decrease the amount of time it takes us to edit a piece, and how to create headlines for a story.
  • During and after class is over I usually talk to my professor, (who also happens to be my advisor) about either classes for next semester, graduation, or my independent study class that I am taking.
  • My independent study meetings with my advisor usually always take place after copyediting every few weeks.
  • After copyediting I meet up with my friends outside of the view for lunch, which usually includes talking about our day and what is going on with each other, then anywhere between 1:30-2:00 we leave the view.
  • From Aquinas, I walk across campus, passed the garden apartments, and across the street to my internship at the marketing and communications office.
  • I sit at my desk in my boss Emily’s office and can be working on a number of things for the next two hours, which normally include (but are not limited to) writing for the school blog, correcting other students blog posts, posting on the school’s website, writing press releases, working with Instagram and Pinterest, and working with Emily on some of her projects.
  • After I get out of internship, anywhere from 3:30-4:00, I walk back to my room and can do one or all of the following: hang out with my friends, watch Netflix, lie in my bed on my phone, go to the gym, take a nap, or run errands.
  • At about 6ish my friends and I go down to dinner in Aquinas.
  • At 6:30 I have a meeting with my club, Dominican Scholars of Hope, where we usually talk about upcoming trips we have, ideas for fundraisers we have for either charity or our trips, community service projects we are intending on doing, or working on something for a current fundraiser or event we are helping out with.
  • After Domincian Scholars, which is usually about an hour long, my friends and I go back to our rooms.
  • I pick out pjs and shower and then figure out what homework I need to work on that night.
  • I go across the hall to my friends’ room and do my homework (usually some sort of writing assignment or math problems) in their room. On nights when I have a lot to do I go downstairs to the library.
  • After homework is done, my friends and I watch tv, (we watch several shows together, such as American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy, and 9-1-1).
  • Finally anywhere between 12-1 AM I go back to my room and get into bed.
  • I set my alarm for the next morning, for 10:30 since I have my internship at 12:00 PM on Wednesdays.
  • I check all my social media accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.
  • Finally (at some point) I put my phone down and fall asleep.