Marketing and More

by · November 6, 2019

By Sam Young 

Most people have a general idea of what marketing is, but the idea is often difficult for them to put into words. While marketing always boils down to one goal — creating demand for a product or service — there are countless ways to go about it, and as such, there are countless options for landing a career in marketing. I’ve tried to list most of the general options in this article and also tried to explain how you can use your time at the Mount to prepare for these job options.

Marketing Analytics These marketers collect and analyze data on relevant topics to meet a marketing objective. For example, marketing analysts might collect and review survey data to see how they could better improve the customer experience. They may also collect data on the purchasing behavior of specific demographics to see if they are viable target audiences for new product campaigns. One of the most ingenious applications of marketing analytics I’ve heard of had employees tracking weather data and health insurance withdrawals in target areas to estimate the demand for cold and flu medication. The potential applications of this field are countless. Any combination of Math and Business majors and minors from the Mount from the mount will definitely help prepare you for this field and with the number of overlapping classes in these areas, it’s not uncommon to double major. 

Content Writing These marketers write much of the text you see on websites, pamphlets, billboards and countless other promotional platforms. Writers will always be needed in product and service promotion, and while there is a growing fear that the writing profession is dying, those in the industry will assure you that it is simply transitioning to a more digital-centered form. Those with English and Communications degrees from the Mount can very easily find their way into this field as well as Business-Marketing majors with decent resumes and writing samples.

Audio/Video Production Those with degrees or experience in Audio and Video production can easily apply their skills to jobs in promotional marketing. Aside from the obvious examples of TV and radio ads, audio and video marketing can be applied to promotional material on social media platforms, websites, banner and sidebar ads, and more. The Mount’s production major gives a solid foundation for anyone looking to get a job in this area of expertise

Marketing Management Marketing Managers often determine what products or services should be offered, where they should be offered, and at what price. They also typically determine how to promote products and introduce them to potential customers. If strategy, tactics, and logistics interest you, then marketing management may be a good career path for you, and the Mount’s Business-Marketing major is a good way to prepare for this job area.

Graphic Design Marketing firms need graphic designers to catch the eyes of potential customers. Graphic designers tend to work on the same kinds of projects as content writers, often working alongside them to format their copy and add visual elements to the piece. The Mount is currently working on offering Human Centered Design and Graphic Design majors which will prepare you for jobs in this field extremely well. A graphic design minor is currently offered at the Mount which, when paired with an PR and Advertising or Business-Marketing major, can also prepare students for jobs in this area of expertise

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing can involve working in (or working with people in) any of the previously mentioned fields. However, digital marketers specialize in the tech-based aspects of those fields. For instance, a digital marketer may work with content writers to optimize the copy they write for search engines, or they may work with the video production crew to combine a video with a company website. They may even work with data analysts to find new ways to collect information. In a world of rapid technological growth, this field is ever-expanding. Any combination of Business and IT majors and minors from the mount will help prepare you for this field, and double majoring in these two areas is usually very doable because of the number of overlapping classes.

My goal is to land a content writing job after graduation, and as a Business major with a Marketing concentration and a PR and Advertising minor, I feel that I’ve been able to gain the experience needed to achieve that goal. Writing for Mount Messenger, joining Mount Influencers, and participating in internships through the Career Center are all fantastic ways to gain that experience.