60 Reasons to Love the Mount

by · October 30, 2019

By Mack Knight

Today is our 60th birthday! On October 30, 1959, we became a four-year college.

To celebrate, we asked the Mount community to tell us 60 reasons why they love this college. We got more than 60, with many people highlighting some of the same awesome reasons, so here are the top 60 reasons that our community loves the Mount!

1. Beautiful campus/scenic views/gorgeous views
2. Small class sizes
3. Professors that know you by name
4. Being surrounded by familiar faces
5. Felt like home when I visited
6. Tight-knit community
7. So many opportunities!
8. The food
9. I felt welcomed
10. Education program
11. Best years of my life were spent there
12. Awesome and wonderful professors
13. Lifelong friendships were born here
14. Professors really get to know their students
15. The opportunities the Mount provided will continually help in my career
16. The college’s mission
17. Friendships that have lasted long past graduation
18. Never felt lost or alone here
19. The college embraces the four Dominican pillars every day of the year
20. Friendships that became like family
21. Small size that always allowed you to see people you knew
22. Teaching staff was top notch!
23. From the minutes we stepped on campus we felt comfortable and knew it was the right school.
24. Professors are truly amazing and care for students
25. The community I’ve been able to create here
26. Lots of school spirit
27. It’s the place where I blossomed as a person!
28. Exceptional education
29. Faith-filled tradition
30. Great professors/lectures
31. Made me feel like I was a member of a community
32. Amazing friends
33. Helped me be who I am today!
34. Developed my love of literature and theatre
35. Where I married my wife
36. Faculty and staff
37. Excellent English department
38. Opportunities to make a difference
39. Education and experience helped me build an amazing future for my family
40. Met my best of friends and now husband!
41. Mount education afforded me a 39 year career in Nursing
42. My daughter also graduated from here and has a beautiful career in teaching
43. It’s where I met my husband and got married.
44. Small college atmosphere
45. The library
46. Confirmed my Catholic faith here
47. The eagles!
48. Having nursing students shadow for the day
49. Cross Country team
50. Choir
51. The security guards are really nice and love to help when they can.
52. Helped mold me into the adult I am today.
53. The Mount gave me confidence to live my dream profession.
54. It was a wonderful place to work.
55. Amazing education
56. Home away from home
57. Study abroad
58. HEOP
59. Second family
60. Everything!

Happy 60th birthday, MSMC! Here’s to the next 60 years.

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