23 Things to Do Your First Week of College

by · August 27, 2019

By Mack the Knight

Class of 2023: You’re finally here! We’re so excited to officially welcome you to the Mount family. Here are 23 things you should do this first week to set you up for success and fun this semester:

1. Attend the Club Fair (happening today on the Sod Field — outside of Hudson Hall — at 4 pm!).


2. Try out all of the on-campus eateries (may we recommend the Mac Bites?).


3. Sign up for a club that interests you (either at the Club Fair or by going to this list and emailing the president).


4. Try to make at least one new friend each day. A great time to do this is before class or in the dining hall, just walking up and introducing yourself! An easy icebreaker is learning where someone is from.


5. Attend all of your classes! That is why you’re here, after all. 🙂


6. Take a tour of the library and decide which spot is going to be “yours.”


7. Introduce yourself to at least one professor after class, or stop by their office hour just to say hi. (We promise, they’ll like that!)


8. Try something from each station in the View.


9. Ride the MSMC Shuttle to the grocery store, mall, or train station. (Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to plan a trip to NYC with your new friends!)


10. Take a walk around the whole campus to orient yourself.


11. Make a study plan based on your classes. Be sure to save your syllabuses to refer back to throughout the semester!


12. Finish unpacking your new home away from home.


13. Make plans to cheer on your team at your first home game as a Knights fan (home games start next week!).


14. Check in with your family at least once to let them know how much fun you’re already having.


15. Come out to Goat Yoga on Thursday at 4 pm on the Sod Field!


16. Take the first of many pictures of the Mount’s view from the top of the Dominican Center hill.


17. Grab some Mount swag at the Campus Store and wear it for Mount Pride Friday on Friday.


18. Slip and slide at our pop-up Water Park on Saturday!

19. Take some time to get to know your roommates. Consider some bonding activities like watching a movie or playing a game together.


20. Figure out how to work the laundry machines. Ask your RA if you need help!


21. Make a batch of cookies and get to know your neighbors! (People come real fast when they smell cookies.) Consider sharing them with the Security Officers in your building as a thank you!


22. Take time for self care in Health Services‘ Stress-Less Room. It’s a long week, so make sure you get lots of sleep, exercise, and food!


23. Finally, have fun! You’ll remember this week for years to come, so enjoy your newfound freedom and college life.