Life After College- A Series for Mount Seniors

by · May 15, 2019

Taylor Keller

Major: Human Services with a minor in Psychology

After college: Attending Adelphi University to get a Master of Social Work

Career Ambition: Clinical social worker, working with children who have learning/intellectual disabilities.


Taylor Keller, a senior at Mount Saint Mary College, has made the decision to continue her education after she graduates and attend Adelphi College to get a master’s degree in Social Work. Her hard work and dedication to her studies here at the Mount have encouraged her to pursue more. Sitting down with Taylor, she discussed everything she is feeling as she is getting ready for her next journey.

With continuing her education, Taylor is excited to apply her knowledge she’s acquired over these past four years and continue to grow and learn more in preparation for her future career. “I know this adventure of graduate school will teach me about my strengths, capabilities, and passion for helping others,” she explained.

With pursuing her education, Taylor credits the Mount with solidifying her decision to do this. The opportunities that the Mount has created for Taylor have really helped her prepare for grad school. “The Career Center here at the Mount has helped me immensely in preparing for grad school. Robin Rosenburg, who is one of the career counselors, has helped me so much,” she expressed. Taylor has also been able to extend her experience outside the classroom with an internship at The Children’s Village. Here, she worked in the Bridges to Health Program, which specializes in working with children in foster care or in the Division of Juvenile Justice and Opportunities for Youth. “While being an intern, I realized all of the qualities and abilities I had and how they will be useful in studying social work.”

With starting this new journey, Taylor has some obstacles she’s looking forward to overcoming. Time management is one of these challenges that she has faced before. “I have addressed time management in the past and since then, it has gotten much better,” she stated. With starting grad school, it requires a lot of work and time, but Taylor is ready for the challenge. “Graduate school may be difficult, but this is why I am eager to participate in the Social Work program to learn, to grow, to test myself, and to achieve things I have never done before.”

With graduation rapidly approaching, Taylor has reflected on her time here at the Mount. “I love the fact that here at the Mount you really know everyone, including your professors,” she said. Taylor was very involved in her four years here and will always be very grateful for the connections and opportunities these activities has helped her create and form. “The Mount wasn’t just my school for the last four years, it has absolutely been my home away from home. I am going to miss every little thing about the Mount.”