Life After College- A Series for Mount Seniors

by · May 7, 2019

Sarah Waleck

Major: Biology

After college: Attending Seton Hall University and attending their Physician Assistant School.

Career Ambition: Physician Assistant working in Orthopedic Surgery.


Sarah Waleck, who is a current senior at Mount Saint Mary College, is preparing for her life after college just like most seniors are at this point in the year. With graduation quickly approaching, Sarah has made the choice to continue her education and attend Seton Hall University to pursue a master’s degree while attending their Physician Assistant school. Sarah plans to continue building the foundation that the Mount has already helped her start.

Sitting down with Sarah, she was able to give some insight on how she is feeling as she is about to embark on her next journey and closing the chapter on her current one. “These past four years I have spent the majority of time working to build a solid foundation for physician assistant school. I can’t wait to build on that and apply everything that I have learned to clinical situations,” she said. Sarah will be spending the next three years working towards her ultimate career goal, to become a physician assistant (PA).

As time as an undergraduate comes to an end, there are a lot of nerves for what comes next. Sarah is excited but also anxious to see what obstacles she’ll face once she starts her graduate program. One specific thing she is most nervous for is her didactic year. The didactic year in PA school is where becoming a PA gets real. This is where students learn everything there is to know about medicine, clinical decision making, and critical thinking skills. It is the most rigorous year in PA school, but Sarah is confident that the knowledge she has acquired while studying at the Mount will help her through any challenges she may face.

While preparing for grad school and getting ready to graduate, Sarah reflected on her time at the Mount. “When my mom asked me why I wanted to go to the Mount, I told her it was because it felt very much like home. To this day, my answer hasn’t changed,” she said. Sarah considered the Mount her home away from home, and it will be hard to say goodbye when she graduates in May. She is grateful for the opportunity to attend the Mount and is thankful for all doors it has opened while she pursues her dream job.