19 Things To Do Before Graduation

by · March 4, 2019

19. Meet new people

It is never too late to meet someone new. Before graduating, try talking to someone you have never met before. Who knows, maybe that one person will become a friend you will have forever.

18. Attend an event on campus you have never been to

Throughout your four years at the Mount, there have been many events hosted. You have probably been to a lot of them but try to go to one you’ve never been before. This is just a good way to try something new.

17. Use all of your resources

After graduation, we’re probably never going to have all of the resources we have here available to us all the time such as the library, writing center, and athletic trainers.

16. Explore the area around campus

We live in a beautiful area of the Hudson Valley. Go explore what it has to offer.

15. Hike Mount Beacon

A popular activity to do for Mount students is going down to Beacon and hiking. If you haven’t done this yet, you have to do it at least once. Who knows if you’ll ever be this close to a beautiful hiking trail again?

14. Go on a late night Alexis Diner run with your friends

There is nothing better than pancakes at 2 am with some of your closest friends. Cherish every moment you have.

13. One last Mary Jane’s Ice Cream run

If you haven’t been to Mary Jane’s yet, you need to go. There is no way any one should graduate without going there at least once.

12. Billy Joe’s

After graduation most of us will not live down the street from Billy Joe’s ever again. Take advantage of its amazing food and night life (if you are over 21). A lot of memories happen at this place.

11. Walk/ Run the bridge

A common activity to do around campus is to go walk or run (if you’re into that whole running thing) the Newburgh Beacon Bridge. You won’t be disappointed by the views you’ll see.


This is not just an ordinary donut shop in Beacon. This is THE donut shop to go to. This has to be in your top 10 things to do before leaving the Mount.

 9. Go to all your classes

Just think, in 2 months you will most likely never be in a classroom again. Take full advantage of this time and go to all your classes.

8. Use the Career Center

Since we’re graduating, go to the Career Center and ask for help for applying to jobs. They are there to help so use them!

7. Apply for Jobs

Take some of your downtime this semester and apply for jobs. Who knows, maybe you will have one right out of college.

6. Say a thank you to all of your professors

They are the ones that have guided you throughout college; take a minute and go thank them before you leave.

5. Take one last trip to Downtown Bagels

This has to be in your top five because we all know Downtown is the way to go on a Sunday morning. You might never be down the street from here again.

4. Attend all the last events

Make sure to enjoy all of your lasts, such as Spring Weekend and Spring Concert!

3. Make sure you have done everything before graduation

Make sure all your credits are in order so there are no mishaps as it gets close to graduation.

2. Register for Commencement

As part of our last hoorah at the Mount, make sure you register for all of the Commencement events! The deadline is April 26th.

1. Graduate

This should be our number one thing to do before leaving the Mount. All of the hard work leads up to this moment, so enjoy it.

By: Tyler Mannix, Member of Class of 2019

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