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by · February 18, 2019

By Dan Fenyo

Why do families send their young ones to college? For a few years of peace and quiet? Maybe to catch up on some reading at the cost of a few thousand dollars? While there are undoubtedly a few individuals who might have these factors in mind, it’s much more likely that you’re working alongside your child to ensure a successful future for them. Sure, you could liquidate their college fund, spend it on lottery tickets, and hope for the best, but if you happen to be a reasonable person, investing in college is probably a safer bet.

One of the key metrics to help measure the potential return on investment of your child’s college education is the school’s Job Placement Rate. A college’s Job Placement Rate is a particularly interesting statistic because, outside of the obvious data it represents, there are a number of implicit suggestions associated with it. Let’s take a look at the Mount’s rate: based on NACES standards of evaluation*, graduates from Mount Saint Mary College who don’t plan to pursue their master’s degree can expect to be placed in a position of degree-relevant, full-time employment at a rate of about 73% within 6 months of graduation. Nationally, that same statistic sits around 53%.

So what does it mean that the Mount’s Job Placement Rate is 20 points above the national average? Well, a few things! First off, we know that Mount grads get jobs. If you factor in part-time employment, that 73% gets turns into 95% of employed graduates. While the US Bureau of Labor Statistics does not officially track the number of times the average person will change jobs in their lifetime, LinkedIn has estimated that a contemporary college grad can expect to change their occupation at least 4 times in the first ten years after graduation. Getting into the job market as soon as possible after college can be essential to building invaluable vocational experience and stopping the job hop.

The Mount’s Job Placement Rate can also tell us a little something about the support network available to students during and long after their time at school. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the MSMC Alumni population and their role in the school’s success. Jeremy Smith, the subject of that post, has represented the Mount in the professional world since graduating in 2006 through his exemplary employment history as well as his own entrepreneurial endeavors. In fact, Smith announced during his address at last month’s Open House that his company, SKYWIREme, has recently hired a current Mount student. Smith is just one example of the many Mount alums who continue to pave the way for current and future students.

One of the most important sources of support available to Mount students, however, is the bounty of resources offered by the Career Center on campus. While our incredible faculty equips our students with the tools to succeed, the Career Center is responsible for honing and utilizing those skills to ultimately parlay into lifetime career achievement.

What makes the MSMC Career Center so successful? Check back later this week when I’ll be talking about the specific resources available to Mount students from the first day of freshman year until retirement and beyond!

Daniel Fenyo has been an admissions counselor at the Mount since September 2018. A lifelong Hudson Valley resident, he enjoys reading, writing, and all things nerdy in his free time.

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