Maggie Pedersen – A trip of a lifetime

by · February 14, 2019

Culture, language, and an experience of a lifetime, that is what you get while studying abroad in a different country. Many college students throughout their time at college get to experience what it would be like to study abroad. Whether it’s a month trip over summer or winter break, or even a whole semester length, studying abroad is an experience worth trying. Just ask senior, Maggie Pedersen, who spent her fall 2018 semester studying and traveling abroad in Australia.

Maggie finished up her last 12 credits of college attending James Cook University in Townsville, Australia. While she was there, Maggie experienced a whole new way of learning. With an atmosphere she has never experienced Maggie relied on her resources she has learned at her time at the Mount. She mentioned that not many Mount students have studied abroad for a whole semester before. It was something her and the study abroad office had to work on together to accomplish. They worked together closely to pick a study abroad program that would best benefit her. Maggie chose the ISA which stands for the International Studies Abroad. She credited the Mount with helping her make this crucial decision.

While studying abroad you are encouraged to branch out and truly experience that country’s culture. That is exactly what Maggie did. Not only was she taking classes at the University but, just like her time at the Mount, she got involved right away. While attending the Mount, Maggie was a member of our women’s lacrosse team where she played three seasons. Maggie wanted to bring her athletic talents half way across the world. She joined the Soccer team at James Cook University. She mentioned that her only previous soccer experience was taking a volleyball and soccer class here at the Mount. With that only experience she decided to go for it and she made the team. She is pictured to the right with members of her team. Besides soccer Maggie decided to get more involved where she became a member of the fishing club. Aside from athletics Maggie wanted to make the most of her time over there and wanted to experience the true Australian culture. With her class schedule being only three days a week her off days were spent traveling and learning the Australian way. She mentioned that there were a few differences in culture than the U.S. The first one she mentioned was the driving on the opposite sides of the road and the famous Aussie slang.

The fall 2018 semester was Maggie’s last semester before graduation. She talked about the difference in finishing college in a different atmosphere then where she spent her first three years. She said it was definitely a switch then what she was used to. Being called a fresher (freshman) was something she thought she would never hear again, but that is what they called her because she was new. Overall Maggie had nothing but positive things to say about her experience and strongly credited the Mount for helping her have the guts to finish college halfway across the world. She couldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the help from all her friends and faculty members at the Mount. She wants to be a resource for anyone wanting to study abroad because she wants everyone to experience what she did. One final comment she gave was, “As cheesy as it sounds, I would most definitely say it was a life changing experience and I am so thankful to have been given this opportunity.”

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