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by · February 14, 2019

By Dan Fenyo

I’ll admit, it’s been a few years since I’ve lived in a dorm. My expertise on the matter may be somewhat dated. While I stand by my advice from Monday’s article, I thought it might be a good idea to consult the real experts: current MSMC resident students!

Some of our wonderful Student Ambassadors sat down and gave me a list of items they wish they had thought to bring on move-in day as freshmen. Let’s take a look at some of their suggestions:

Extra Sheets and Towels

The experts’ advice? However many towels you think you need, bring more. The same goes for bed linens, of course. As a fan of Douglas Adams’ the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, I can attest to the importance of having a towel on-hand at all times. In a similar vein, the Ambassadors also recommend that your student packs a folding drying rack to cut down on how many dryer loads when laundering their bounty of towels. In the case of extra towels and sheets, it’s a classic example of having them and not needing them instead of needing them and not having them. What’s worse than drying off with a smelly towel anyway? Yuck!

Cleaning Supplies

For those students fortunate enough to have been pampered prior to college, the prospect of cleaning up after oneself might be a foreign one. All the same, the expert residents would like to remind incoming students to bring supplies to tidy up with. This includes Clorox wipes, a small vacuum, a dustpan, and anything else that might be useful to keep their living space neat. While most dorms have a policy against burning things like candles and incense, consider an alternative air freshener to keep the room habitable. We all know that 18-year-olds can get smelly; pack some Febreeze!

Bathroom Essentials

“I never thought to pack nail clippers when I was a freshman! I just thought ‘Mom’s got them!’”

This is an actual quote from one of the Ambassadors. Comedy aside, he brings up an excellent point about the minutia that young adults often take for granted when living in their parents’ homes. Essential items like nail clippers, bandages, aspirin, antacid tablets, and other medicine cabinet staples can be easily overlooked when packing for the dorm. It’s easy to remember your toothbrush and comb when you use them every day; encourage your college-bound kid to think of the non-daily essentials that might come in handy. Contact lens solution, basic first-aid materials, and occasional medications are just a few items that are easily forgettable if they aren’t used regularly.

After their barrage of advice, the one thing the experts reiterated is that it’s alright to forget some things! One of the best parts of moving into a dorm is getting to meet the neighbors! No matter what you may have forgotten at home, there’s a good chance another student in the hall will be able to lend a helping hand.

What are some of the things your child won’t forget to pack when move-in day rolls around? Let me know your suggestions on social media!

Daniel Fenyo has been an admissions counselor at the Mount since September 2018. A lifelong Hudson Valley resident, he enjoys reading, writing, and all things nerdy in his free time.

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