Thursday Thoughts – “When I Was Your Age. . .”

by · January 10, 2019

By Dan Fenyo

For some young people considering entering college, it may seem like the decision they make will define the rest of their lives in an inalterable way. As an adult past the traditional college age, that earlier perspective might seem comically naïve. Whether or not you’re a college grad yourself, try to recall the feelings you encountered while as a high school senior nearing commencement; urgency, inadequacy, and outright terror might come to mind!

As you guide your child through the process of college admission, evaluate how your experiences might match theirs. At the same time, reflect upon how the circumstances might differ. As a parent or guardian, your support and understanding can be central to your college-bound student’s success. Nagging or overbearing guidance can be off-putting; instead of asking “Have you finished your application yet?” consider working alongside your child throughout the process. Showing your support can help remove the intimidation factor from college decisions and make their journey that much easier.

What was your own college journey like? In what ways can you channel your experiences into advocacy for your child? What are some things about your past that may not pertain to college admission in 2019?

Daniel Fenyo has been an admissions counselor at the Mount since September 2018. A lifelong Hudson Valley resident, he enjoys reading, writing, and all things nerdy in his free time.

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