Not Just a Nursing Major

by · January 4, 2019

Nursing is one of the Mount’s most popular majors, and for good reason – the preparation that the Mount provides for a career in health care is top notch. While the Nursing program is rigorous, Mount Nursing majors like Margot Cano prove that you can have a rich experience both inside and outside the classroom at the Mount while preparing for your future career.

In addition to being part of the Nursing Student Union, this year is the senior Nursing major’s third year as a resident assistant. She spent the past two years as an RA in Sakac Hall with female freshmen, but is now a senior resident assistant for upperclassmen in the College Courts.

Senior Nursing major Margot Cano

“I choose to get involved on campus because I enjoy meeting new people and putting myself out there to be apart of any opportunity that comes my way,” she said. “I believe being involved on campus has opened so many doors for me, has allowed me to grow and become a more outgoing person, and has given me the gift of lifelong friendships.”

One of the other ways she’s gotten involved is by studying abroad. Through the Career Center, Margot had the opportunity take her Mount education across the globe to Spain in 2017 with seven other students and two Mount faculty members.

“Being able to travel in such a small group made it easier to immerse yourself into the culture,” she explained. “I highly recommend studying abroad to any student at the Mount. The guidance that the CCEE offered me leading up to my trip was exceptional. I truly believe studying abroad made my experience at the Mount much more special.”

When it comes to her Nursing experience, that specialness the Mount provides also manifests itself in the plethora of clinical opportunities the School of Nursing offers. “My favorite thing about my major is the clinical experience,” she said. “Learning the information in lecture is important, but being able to receive the hands-on experience and applying my knowledge in the field is everything. I have always had a passion to work in the healthcare field. Nursing gives me the opportunity to get to know my patients and  provide exceptional bedside care that I feel every patient deserves.”

Margot couldn’t have asked for a better place to have her college experience. Her go to description for the campus? “Breathtaking views and family-like community. No matter where you are on campus, you will always see a friendly face. I love the tight-knit community that the Mount provides.”

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