My First Year: Q & A with Day’sha Tyson ’22

by · December 6, 2018

Name: Day’sha Tyson

Entry Year and Status: 2018 (Freshman)

Major/Intended Major:

How did you decide on your academic or career path?

I chose the nursing program because of my interest in how things work and because I have a desire to help others. Also, because it’s a great way to provide and take care of my mother.

How did you overcome obstacles during your first year?

I will admit I struggled in the beginning because the transition from high school is very different. But, as time tried, I learned different study methods to help me with my classes. Most of all, I reminded myself that my purpose is bigger than just me.

What advice would you give to first-year students who are struggling?

My advice would be that it’s okay to ask for help.  Half of the students don’t know what we are doing, especially in the first year. Also, focus on the more important things, not just the fun aspect of college but what you came here for.

What resources helped you to find a home at the Mount?

The different faculty members down at the Financial Aid office, my Academic Coach, my Admission Advisor, and even my professors made me feel comfortable enough to come to them with any questions or issues I had. But, especially the friends I made helped me in finding a home here and making me feel like the Mount was a right fit for me.

What do you think all first-year students should know?

Your first year is not going to be easy, and it is not anything like high school. Most of the work you must do yourself which requires a lot of studying. If you put the time in and you asking for help when you need it there isn’t anything stopping you from reaching your desired career path.