Opening Up New Worlds – English at the Mount

by · December 2, 2018

Rosemarie Budhwa, far left, is also an active member of the Mount Saint Mary College choir, which performed a musical revue of “Tomfoolery” last spring.

When Rosemarie Budhwa ’20 first began her study of English at the Mount, she thought her only career option would be in teaching the subject to others.

Thanks to the English faculty at the Mount, however, she soon fell in love with the other opportunities available to her as well.

“English is an area which allows students to go into a plethora of areas,” she explained. “At first, I thought Education was the only path which was available to me with an English degree. However, with the help of the English faculty, I was able to discover a plethora of paths which I was capable of taking and which one was the best for me. Therefore, with the knowledge of literature which the Mount provides, and the different areas which they introduce their students to, I was capable of finding a love for publishing and have been further pushed to discover what other areas I would be interested in focusing further on.”

While the curriculum focuses heavily on studying literature, from classic American and British works to more widespread areas such as Mythology or Fairy Tales, she also enjoys the emphasis on writing that the classes provide, which can be applied to a variety of careers and is a quality many employers seek out.

Rosemarie is particularly grateful for how willing the English faculty are to take time for students outside of class. “All of the professors are readily available if not in class and are willing to provide new ideas to their students while also helping them to expand on the ideas which they already have,” she noted.

Best of all, she’s learned that studying English literature has far reaching applications outside of the classroom. “They (the faculty) allow us to go beyond our capabilities to develop ideas which we didn’t think possible, and also force us to expand more upon our own thoughts of the literature which we read and how it applies to our own lives,” a skill she’ll be able to use not just during her time at the Mount, but also in the future.

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